SAILING BELIZE: Magnificent Villas & Magical Islands

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  1. Sailing Belize Just Got Even More Exciting With The New Magnificent Villas & Magical Islands Vacation Package
    1. But this new Sailing Belize “Magnificent Villas and Magical Islands” Vacation package takes things to a whole new level.

Sailing Belize Just Got Even More Exciting With The New Magnificent Villas & Magical Islands Vacation Package

Im Throwing Away My Bucket List This Is It!

Chaa Creek Just Teamed Up With Belize Sailing Adventures To Offer An Awesome Belize Jungle & Caribbean Sailing Package That Combines Exciting Adventure With Exquisite Luxury

Disclaimer: I love Belize – the people, culture, cuisine, and her vast rainforests loaded with exotic wildlife, hundreds of species of colorful birds, ancient Maya temples and more adventures than you can shake that proverbial stick at.

I also love sailing.  And having cruised the world’s great oceans and many of her coastal and inland waterways can say without hesitation that Belize offers some of the best sailing to be had anywhere. Hands down.

So imagine my excitement hearing that Belize’s most highly awarded eco-resort has just become shipmates with Belize Sailing Vacations to offer a luxury jungle lodge and sailing adventure vacation package that would have knocked my socks off – except that I prefer to sail barefoot.

Sure, Chaa Creek has been offering Belize’s best surf and turf vacation packages for over thirty-five years now. As the country’s oldest and most highly awarded eco-resort they’ve established a nationwide network of colleagues that allow them to offer their signature “Rainforest to Reef” Belize vacation packages in partnership with the cream of country’s Caribbean resorts, from Ambergris Caye down to Placencia.

But this is something different. Something so complete and awesome that I’ve talked my own first mate and some friends into taking our vacations early this year.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s newest Luxury Villas

I’m no stranger to Belize’s aquatic charms, having sailed the coast and reef back when all that was available were those lovely little fishing smacks and dugout canoes. Then the first charter catamarans arrived, and I’ve since made a point of not letting more than a few years go by without urging friends and mates to go on sailing and snorkeling trips.  As I said, experience has shown Belize to be the best in the world, and with it being so close and now so well serviced by various airlines, why go any further afield?

But this new Sailing Belize “Magnificent Villas and Magical Islands” Vacation package takes things to a whole new level.

Late last year Chaa Creek raised the bar on Belize luxury accommodations with the new Ix Chel Luxury Rainforest Villas, and those magnificent villas have found their seagoing match with Belize Sailing Vacation’s awesome and beautifully appointed catamarans.

Chaa Creek has also established a reputation for consistently offering some of the best dining to be found in Belize, and Belize Sailing Vacations’ approach to cruising cuisine makes for the perfect match, with hearty breakfasts, enticing lunches, and dinners to die for, with deliciously creative hors-d’oeuvres and mains that feature fresh lobster, shrimp, and stone crab dishes, Teriyaki tuna, pork tenderloins and much more, all complemented by an amazing dessert menu.


And this being a Caribbean sailing adventure, an open ship’s bar goes without saying – with a collection of cocktails that would have shivered Blackbeard’s timbers.

Blackbeard and his jolly pirates were no strangers to Belize’s Caribbean coast, finding protection from the weather and her Majesty’s justice inside the world’s second largest barrier reef. Those Buccaneers would have relished the freedom to navigate and anchor among the scores of those lovely little islands that shallow draft catamarans offer, allowing them to explore beautiful, off-the-beaten-path places in comfort and safety.


Not to mention luxury, with spacious, comfortable decks, queen-sized air-conditioned cabins with private baths and showers, and all the aquatic toys – like kayaks, paddle boards, snorkeling gear and such – that the discerning sailor could ask for.

The Magnificent Villas and Magical Islands all-inclusive Belize Vacation Package is offered with a choice of a three, four, or five nights stay in Chaa Creek’s Ix Chel Luxury Rainforest Villas, and four nights aboard Belize Sailing Vacations’ fully serviced 50 ft catamaran. All meals, activities, equipment, and transfers are included under one surprisingly affordable price.

At Chaa Creek, guests will settle into Belize’s newest luxury rainforest villas, fronted with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and doors that open onto an expansive, private veranda overlooking the jungle and Macal River, with personal plunge pools, Jacuzzis, al fresco showers and custom lounge and dining furniture.

A personal butler makes sure everything is perfect, but you’ll still want to go out to dine at the aforementioned Mariposa restaurant and Jungle Lounge, enjoy the amenities, including professional care at the Hilltop Spa, swimming and lounging around the eco-infinity pool, and complimentary canoeing on the Macal River, guided visits to the onsite Belize Natural History Museum, Butterfly Farm, Maya Medicinal Plant Trail, morning birding, sunset canoe excursion, and complete access to all amenities and the miles of jungle trails crisscrossing Chaa Creek’s 400-acre private nature reserve. You won’t be bored…


And then seamlessly, effortlessly and with the emphasis on luxury continuing, you’ll be transported to the sandy Placencia Peninsula, where your captain, first mate, and chef will be waiting for you to step on board to begin the sailing adventure of a lifetime.

So yes – we’re already rearranging our summer vacations and pooling resources for what promises to be the experience of a lifetime, and with the luxury that guarantees it will be so memorable the photos we’ll taking will have a hard time doing it justice.

Luxurious villas with our personal butler surrounded by a pristine jungle filled with monkeys, toucans and ancient Maya temples, exquisite dining, activities, and relaxation, and then sailing the sparkling turquoise waters inside the Caribbean’s largest barrier reef.
Only in Belize…

And only The Lodge at Chaa Creek and Belize Sailing Vacations could team up to offer something like the Magnificent Villas and Magical Island Islands All-inclusive Belize vacation package

I just threw away my bucket list…

The Lodge at Chaa Creek and Belize Sailing Vacations have worked together to craft an all-inclusive Belize vacation package that offers the very best of Belize’s inland and Caribbean attractions.

Chaa Creek’s Portion Includes:

  • Round trip transfers from Belize’s International Airport or Belize City
  • A visit to the Belize Zoo upon arrival or departure
  • Luxury accommodation at the Ix Chel Rainforest Villas
  • Personal butler
  • All meals, with an exquisite private candlelit dinner
  • Couple’s massage or choice of Spa treatments
  • Guided tours of the onsite Belize Natural History Museum, Butterfly Farm and Maya Medicinal Plant Trail
  • Sunset canoe excursion on the Macal River
  • Guided morning bird watching

Belize Sailing Vacations Provides:

  • Four nights all-inclusive sailing excursion aboard a luxurious 50 ft catamaran
  • Dedicated crew of Captain, Chef/First Mate
  • Elegant dining with all meals, canapés, and dessert
  • Open ships bar including beers, rum cocktails and wine with dinner
  • Queen air-conditioned cabins with private ensuite and shower
  • Equipment for snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing and more
  • Transfer to Belize International Airport.

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