Belize's Lodge Chaa Creek Hosts 2017 Scholarship Recipients For A Fun Day!

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The Lodge at Chaa Creek Hosts 2017 Scholarship Recipients

Every year, as part of the "Chaa Creek Cares" program, which sees 10% of all room revenue collected by the Eco-Lodge invested into social and community outreach programs, The Lodge at Chaa Creek awards 10 young Belizean students, family of staff members a partial scholarship to assist in their educational pursuit.


Mrs. Lucy and Chaa Creek started awarding academic scholarships to staff and family of staff in 1995. In the past 22 years, through this program, Chaa Creek has helped close to 150 individuals achieve their academic goals by providing them financial aid.

The "Chaa Creek Cares" program encompasses much more than just academic scholarships, however. The annual Eco-Kids Educational Summer Camp brings together 24 elementary school aged children from all across Belize for a week of fun activities and active education about all things eco-friendly and sustainable.

The Pack-a-pound program encourages our guests to, instead of pack suitcases filled with clothes, to set aside 1 pound - or any amount of pounds of their choosing - to instead pack various school supplies. At Chaa Creek, the generous donations are gathered, then ferried off to impoverished schools in surrounding areas so that they may be shared with the children and help to alleviate some of the stresses of their families.

In early July, 10 lucky recipients are picked and awarded the help they're seeking. This year, as part of the scholarship process, Mrs. Lucy Fleming, Co-Founder of Chaa Creek invited the scholarship recipients out for a fun day and lunch with her.

Chaa creek scholarshio 2017 12

The students were given a tour of the Butterfly farm, which includes their enclosure and the caterpillar center.

Chaa creek scholarshio 2017 6

They were taught about the life cycle of the Blue Morpho.

Chaa creek scholarshio 2017 8

As well, they guessed at which skull belonged to which creature at our NHC

Chaa creek scholarshio 2017 13

They were shown what traditional Maya dwellings were like and they gazed at Belize's bugs.Chaa creek scholarshio 2017 14

And finally, they had lunch with Mrs. Lucy, they asked her questions, shared their passions and interests, heard stories and enjoyed a pretty awesome meal.Chaa creek scholarshio 2017 16

Mrs. Lucy gave them each a parting gift and was set off as they start school this week all across Cayo.Chaa creek scholarshio 2017 17

Scholarship winners for the 2017-2018 academic year are:

  • Wendy Lamb attending Sacred Heart College
  • Rafael Hernandez attending University of Belize
  • Banny Can attending Eden High School
  • Omar Uck attending Eden High School
  • Ian Guerra attending Sacred Heart High School
  • Freddy Guerra Attending Sacred Heart Junior College
  • Debbie Ku attending Sacred Heart Junior College
  • Milenie Archila attending Mount Carmel High School
  • Emely Segura attending Sacred Heart High School
  • Edel Tzib attending University of Belize
  • Kelcy Hariss attending St. Ignatius high School

Check out all the photos from the day here!

you'd like to learn more about Chaa Creek Cares, click here.


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