Out of the Snow, into the Sun: Family Spring Break in Belize

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  1. Paradise.
  2. The Adrenaline Junkies
  3. The Culture Lovers
  4. The Foodies
  5. The History Buffs

Oh, what wouldn’t we do for the perfect chance to leap out of the snow and into a warm patch of sunshine this Spring Break. March, arguably Belize’s breeziest and most anticipated month, is a post-winter gift wrapped up in a nature-addled bow. Kite-flying days, ice cream dripping down kids’ elbows, and the gusts that sway the blooming foliage on Chaa Creek’s home-base.

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 If you’re already scratching your head at what to plan for a family trip this year, we’ll be happy to relieve you of any and all worries. In our multi-colored tapestry of a country, it doesn’t matter what type of family you are – we have something for every kind of traveler in your tribe.

Unearth the beauty that is Belize and how it holds the molds for the greatest Spring Break activities, no matter the type of family.

The Adrenaline Junkies

Whether you’re a low or high-energy type of parent, odds are that the youngsters are balls of hyperactivity. If your children tend to be on the younger side, it’s always a desire to plan experiences that create lasting memories. That way, you can go back and a few years down the road say, “Don’t you remember the excitement of seeing a nurse shark up close?” Who could ever forget that feeling? The most memorable trips for children are those that astound them. 

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Now, if your family is seeking thrill and adventure this Spring Break, you’ve come to the right place. Like the shark, there’s so much in the Caribbean Sea to discover! Snorkeling is always a family favorite– and for good reason.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek can take you to the beautiful spots of Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Shark Ray Alley, and the Laughing Bird Caye. As you and your little ones float on clear blue waters, the elation of seeing so parrot fish, manatees, and stingrays up close will be a shared sentiment among parents and kids.

Should you prefer an excursion on terra firma, there’s nothing like the inviting jungles of the Cayo district to explore. Head on to the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve and dip in the fresh waters of Rio on Pools.

The Culture Lovers

In the last few years we’ve steadily welcomed the recent trend of visitors embracing Belizean culture – and why wouldn’t we?

Our very own guides can tell you when they’re sharing their favorite facts about Belize, it’s those enthusiastic faces listening in rapt attention that brings them great joy. From young and old, it’s the eagerness to learn in their spirit that keeps them seeking adventure. While visiting Belize itself is an enjoyable trip in every kind of way, entering the microcosm of Chaa Creek and San Ignacio is another world to explore entirely. 

Just 15 minutes from Chaa Creek, the quirky town of San Ignacio waits for your venture. Stroll through the market and see the difference from your local farmer’s market to ours! Do we have a  vivid pink dragonfruit you’ve never before seen? Or are you more astonished to discover the existence of starfruit? Maybe it’s the street art that captivates your eye!


The joy is in the little things. You and your kids can make a competition to see who can highlight the most interesting things, unique only to Belize. By the end of the day, you’ll have run out of paper! 

The Foodies

Don’t tell anyone we told you, but the way to a Belizean’s heart is through their stomach. You may have learned our laidback way of life, but we take cooking very seriously! And with Chaa Creek’s Open Hearth Culinary Experience, we’re bound to win over your affection too. 

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Every day, our talented Ms. Luby teaches friends like you how to cook a traditional Belizean meal. Here, every curious soul gets a hand in contributing to your lunch of that day. Even the children! While your spouse learns how to make corn some delicious salsa for salbutes, your children will be trying their hand at making corn tortillas.

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The aroma of spices and herbs waft in the air as bellies grumble. This activity is both fun and rewarding – not to mention the accomplishment you feel once you sit down to eat a meal you made is unparalleled! Learn the intricacies of cooking a hearty Belizean meal and stay with the recipe to recreate once you’re back home. Just in case you and your kids start craving it!

The History Buffs

For parents and children that love learning about how a country came to be and love visiting one-of-a-kind monuments even more, let your passion run wild as you take in Belize’s history.

For what we lack in size, we definitely make up for in stories of days gone by. The history that predates Belize needless to say is important to its people. From Mayas that ruled ancient cities, to the Garifuna people seeking refuge from the slave trade in the Caribbean, to British log-wood cutters settling in Belize as their new home. We have a magnificent amalgamation of cultures and histories. 

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To see it not just in stories, but in real life too, visit the looming Maya ruin of Caracol and walk the well-worn paths that Mayas once traversed.

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Or you can plan a day-trip to Dangriga and have the Garinagu share their delicious food and upbeat music with you. At Chaa Creek, enter the Natural History Museum and our cheerful guide will tell you all about our country. From when we were known as British Honduras to our now charming Belize, we welcome you and your family.

Are all of these experiences calling your name? Mix and match activities or stick to just one type, either way your spring break family vacation 2023 will not disappoint. If you have any questions about booking, contact us at reservations[at]chaacreek.com

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