Happy Labor Day USA & Canada!

Everyone knows what Labor Day is, it’s that awesome holiday you get simply in honor of the fact that you work. By association everyone gets a holiday, we know, but the point is that you get a holiday from work. In the US, Labor Day often times signifies the true end of summer and is pretty much a big party, you don’t need us to tell you about it, people in Tennessee, DC and Chicago especially will know.

Photo by Steven L. Shepard, Presidio of Monterey Public Affairs.

In the rest of the world, including Belize Labor Day is celebrated on May 1st or the closest weekday to that exact date. In the US though and in Canada, it’s celebrated on the first Monday of September, the 4th this year to sort of bridge the gap of no holidays between July 4th and Thanksgiving. We must say that 4.5 months of not a single holiday is kind of a drag so hooray for Labor Day!

As with all things that happen these days – people are always curious to find out why we do what we do. For some background on Labor Day. It was first observed in 1882 after the growing labor and worker’s unions were pushing for a day to commemorate the working class, well, laborers.

After being observed (by that we mean the holiday being given) in some parts for about 8 years, in 1894 if became a federal holiday. This meant that nationwide in the US Labor Day was official and a national day to recognize everyone who works. In the rest of the world, Labor Day is a result of the international labor movement and happens on the day of the old European holiday called “May Day” which is a spring festival with music dancing and the tradition of the May Pole.

There’s actually QUITE a lot of history behind this one but we won’t bore you will all the details, check out Wikipedia (we know we know…) for all the info.

source: http://www.kate.net/holidays/laborday/images/katenetlaborday2009a_1920.jpg

So why all this talk about Labor Day? Well first off to say HAPPY LABOR DAY! To our friends in the USA and secondly to offer you a massive 30% off all DIRECT bookings to The Lodge at Chaa Creek between the dates of October 1st and December 15th* if you book within the next 48 hours with the code LABOR17 in your request.

It’s just our way of Celebrating everyone who works day in and day out Speaking of holidays, did you know that September is Belize’s happy month? Our commemoration of the Battle of St. Georges Caye happens in September, as well as concerts, carnivals and parades to celebrate our Independence on the 21st.

You can read more about our favorite yearly festivals here.

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How are you spending your Labor Day this year? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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