Belize: Welcome To A Warm Winter Wonderland

With a discount that will warm the cockles of your heart

First of all, let’s be clear – we like snow. It looks lovely drifting down from the heavens, decorating the boughs of evergreen trees, blanketing pastures, rolled into snowmen and snow ladies, generating peals of laughter during snowball fights, and generally brightening things up.

Now, having said that, we also realise that, like anything else, too much of a good thing can cross the line into being not so good, and reading about conditions many people are enduring up north has elicited a veritable blizzard of sympathy from Chaa Creek’s owners and managers. So much so, that they said, “it just doesn’t seem right that we’re enjoying such lovely weather while so many of our friends are freezing up north.

“We should do something about this!”

And while we can’t change the weather, we can offer some relief in the form of serious discounts to make an escape to warm weather paradise more affordable.

Welcome to

Chaa Creek’s Winter Warmer Special!

By booking now, travellers can enjoy a 20% discount off accommodations for these select 2018 dates:

  • January 2nd – 10th
  • January 18th – 30th
  • February 6th – 9th
  • February 25th – 28th

Claim offer here:

And, depending on availability, we’ll even offer a complimentary upgrade upon arrival.

That’s 20% not only off Chaa Creek’s casually luxurious lodgings, but access to all amenities and activities within our 400-acre private nature reserve – a Warm Winter Wonderland that includes an infinity pool, Belize Natural History museum, Butterfly Breeding farm, interactive Maya Medicinal Plant Trail, miles of well-maintained jungle trails and much more.

With canoeing and tubing down the Macal River, horseback riding, guided or self-guided birding and nature walks available, as well as rejuvenation in the renowned Hilltop Spa, dining in the Mariposa restaurant and Jungle Lounge featuring farm-to-table cuisine and fresh Caribbean seafood, and plenty of time for relaxing and reading in a hammock on your veranda, there’s plenty to do or not do.  But one thing’s for sure – it won’t be cold.

Sometimes just the thought of escape, to, say, enjoying cool tropical cocktails around a sparkling infinity pool after a refreshing swim can warm the heart and stir the soul enough to take the bite out of a dreary wintery day.

Booking now, using the booking code: WINTER guarantees you a refreshing tropical break from winter’s extremes, and gives you and yours something to look forward to in the chilly days ahead.

And with a hefty 20% discount off lodgings, trading in that cup of hot cocoa for a refreshing poolside piña colada just became very affordable.

See you down here! 🙂

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