3 Fun Things To Do With Mom This Mother’s Day In Belize

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  1. Mother’s Day in Belize 
  2. Tour a butterfly farm
  3. Have a lunch date
  4. Take a spa day
  5. How do you celebrate?

Mother’s Day in Belize

We typically do things a little differently in Belize, from when to how, we March to our own chill beat here. Mother’s Day in Belize isn’t on a fixed date, but at a particular time, in this case the second Sunday of May which is the 14th this year (2023).

Many of the other things we do to delight and dazzle mom on Mother’s Day in Belize though, are similar to everywhere else. You have the big floral arrangements that make her entire home smell of spring, cute card with fun messages to remind her how much you care, but Belizean ingenuity never lets us stop just there. 

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Here are three very fun things you can do with mom on Mother’s Day in Belize:

Tour a butterfly farm

One of the universal things about celebrating Mother’s Day, at least the way we see it, is that we all want to shower mom with beautiful things. It’s a tender sentiments, and one that we think only makes sense, after all, who else makes us feel so good all the time but mom? Some of you maybe looking for a less cliche way to achieve that, we have just the thing.

Take mom to a butterfly farm. It really is incredible to imagine all the different shapes a creature takes to end up as a butterfly, and perhaps it’s one of those things we seldom stop to think about. There’s some interesting symbolism in that, but we will leave the inferences to you. 

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If you’re not yet convinced about this one, stop for a moment and think about what a pretty moment it is to see a single butterfly. Pictured it? Great, now think of dozens or hundreds simultaneously, and that’s what you’ll have at the butterfly farm. If that’s not a shower of beauty  we really can’t be sure what would be.

Have a lunch date

Seems simple no? A lunch date… what could be so special about that? A lot.

Sharing a meal in some cultures is considered sacred, and sharing that time to eat is universally considered a bonding experience un-replicated by other activities. So why not take a step back? Days are long, careers are hectic and dear mom really just wants to know that we’re okay and she did good in preparing us for life.

A lunch date could be the perfect repose from your packed schedule, while simultaneously making mom feel loved, appreciated and at peace. 

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Belizean is no slouch in the culinary department, comfort food reigns supreme here as every dish has a way of just making you feel good. But, it’s Mother’s Day, so let’s shake it up a bit and do one better at The Guava Limb Cafe.

Your palettes will want for nothing as you choose between twists on Belizean classics or local spins on international favorites. Encapsulate the experience with tropical refreshments to start and a deli table sweet treat at the end and you have yourself the perfect recipe for a Belizean Mother’s Day lunch date. 

Take a spa day

Moms work hard, no doubt about that, and it sometimes may seem difficult to express your gratitude for all she keeps doing in a manner that also make her feel comfortable. Well, the answer to that is easy. Pampering. 

chaa creek belize hilltop spa 11

The Spa at Chaa Creek is peace and paradise upon a hilltop, staffed by highly trained relaxation experts and equipped to melt your troubles away. Book mom for any of the relaxing massage treatments available, or make her feel rejuvenated with a skin treatment. You know your mom best, pick ahead of time and make her feel swept right off her feet. 

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If you thought that sounded good already, the spa is running a special that you can learn more about here

How do you celebrate?

Enough about what we think makes the perfect Mother’s Day. What would make your moms perfect day? Is she into pampering and relaxation? Perhaps she’s the outdoors type who wants to embark on a new quest whenever she can, or maybe she’s a foodie who loves culinary exploration? Tell us in the comments!

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