A Royal Honeymoon in Belize?

We’d love to welcome Prince Harry back to Chaa Creek – and here’s hoping he and Meghan will consider our invitation to enjoy some royal quality time in a peaceful rainforest setting.

How time flies…

Was it really back in March 2012 that HRH Prince Harry graced The Lodge at Chaa Creek with his royal presence while visiting Belize as Queen Elizabeth II’s representative during her Diamond Jubilee?

Prince Harry Wedding Honeymoon in Belize

To use another cliché, it seems like only yesterday.

Maybe that’s because we had such a good time hosting the Prince that the memories are still fresh. And, by all accounts, he enjoyed his visit too.

Which is why we’re extending an invitation to the Prince and his betrothed, Meghan Markle, to enjoy their honeymoon – or at least part of it, as our guests at The Lodge at Chaa Creek.

The Prince said he really enjoyed Belize, and with Chaa Creek being the destination weddings and honeymoon choice for many overseas visitors, it seems like another perfect union.

If Prince Harry enjoyed his stay at the Tree-Top Suite as much as he said, he and Meghan will really appreciate the new Ix Chel Luxury Villas. With lush, private views of the rainforest and Macal River through floor-to-celling glass walls and windows, an expansive veranda with personal Jacuzzi, plunge pool and custom furniture for exquisite relaxation, we feel the Ix Chel Villas could be the perfect break from the social whirlwind following the wedding of the century.


And while the Prince and Meghan will no doubt be traveling with their own entourage, there’s plenty of room in adjacent villas and suites, and the personal butler who comes with the villa will be happy to work with the Prince’s valet.

Last time Prince Harry stayed with us, he enjoyed a stroll through the tropical gardens, a poolside dinner featuring classic Maya cuisine, a long massage in his room, a hearty English breakfast, and other Chaa Creek comforts.

Prince Harry Wedding Honeymoon Food Menu at Chaa Creek

Imagine how much more enjoyable this will be in the company of his new bride?

Oh, yes, and the mojito.

We’re not sure if Meghan is as big a fan of this Chaa Creek signature cocktail as Prince Harry was, but there’re always a few bottles of excellent champagne, fine wines and other refreshments in the wine cellar.

Belize cocktails at chaa creek

So yes, we’ll be extending the formal invitation to the happy couple, and in the meantime wish to give them something to think about.

A Chaa Creek Honeymoon in Belize’s most luxurious rainforest setting, enjoying some peace and quiet far from the madding crowd, with excellent cuisine and lodgings already shown to be fit for… well, the Royal Family.

We certainly hope Prince Harry and Meghan will consider this sincere invitation, and they can rest assured all 160 Chaa Creek staff members still have warm memories of the last royal visit and are already excited at the prospect of the Prince returning.

Our barman is already practicing his Mojito mixing.

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