Eco Kids Summer Camp 2018 Day 6: Solid Waste Management & Sustainability

Eco Kids Camp Day 6: Solid Waste Management & Sustainability

Going to a summer camp is something EVERY child should get the opportunity to do. Apart from making lifelong friends, they also get the chance to make life long memories. A good 12 years ago, I was a little camper myself, at this very same Macal River camp, sleeping in these exact beds, having the same experiences these kids are having. The camp had a different name back then, however most of the experiences were similar. You can bet that I still have fond memories and unforgettable experiences that still make me still when I reminisce. I’m 110% sure these kiddo’s will feel the same after Eco Camp.

Waking up in the mornings are usually taken care of by screaming monkeys or excited campers who just can’t wait to get out of the cabins. Interestingly enough, today was a bit different. Maybe it was the watermelon eating contest that got everyone exhausted the night before, but what would normally be a morning filled with hushed conversations was now a morning filled with hushed snoring. The sound of Levi ringing the camp bell pierced through the silent camp grounds, followed by the sound of rushing footsteps of kids running to get ready for their arts and craft session. Finishing up our bottle cork keychains, with designing and painting them, we began getting ready for our hike.

Eco kids summer camp 2018 conference patio chaa creek

After a steady 15 minutes of hiking past lizards, birds and colorful butterflies, we arrived at the Lodge’s conference center for our topic presentation. We were greeted by Justin, from FCD, who had a FAN-TAS-TIC presentation about the Chiquibul forest and the importance of preserving the wildlife. Using pictures and videos, he made us feel as if we were actually taking a trip into the Chiquibul, from close up pictures of animals, to aerial views of sink holes, it’s beauty was on full display.

eco kids summer camp 2018 day 6 conference

With our interest in the Chiquibul now peaked, we all left with a higher appreciation for our flora and fauna. After stuffing our faces with as much pizza as we could for lunch, we headed back to camp for a surprise. Little did everyone know, while we were away, Levi had stayed back and taken time to set up a splash party. With a tarp, soap, water hoses and even a homemade foam machine, the splash party was in full swing! Having kids slipping, sliding and crashing, everyone had a blast!

eco kids summer camp 2018 day 6 splash

Of course, after every fun time, there is the clean-up. Forming a long line, side by side, everyone walked down collecting every bit of trash off the camp grounds leaving it spotless. The excitement, still wasn’t over though. Tonight, was talent show night 1, with each team performing their best original songs. With the winners now preparing to perform on Sunday, everyone else is looking forward to talent show night 2 tomorrow.

eco kids summer camp 2018 day 6 dinner

Check in tomorrow for day 7, our final full day as we explore and learn about Belize Wild Life with the Belize raptor center.

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