European & British Tourists Are Flocking to Belize In Greater Numbers!

More Visitors From More Places: European and British Tourists Are Flocking to Belize In Greater Numbers

It’s no secret that the majority of Belize’s visitors come from North America. And, when you consider the close proximity – Belize is only one country away from the United States – and the ever-growing number of flights from increasingly competitive airlines, that’s no wonder.

However, paradise is best shared, and as Belize appears more prominently on the global travel radar, market share is expanding across the planet.


Take, for example, these latest figures from Europe:

  • Belize saw a 24.3% jump in overnight tourism arrivals from Europe during January to June 2018 as compared to the same period last year
  • Overnight tourists from the United Kingdom also increased by 20.6% over the same period.
  • European overnight arrivals increased by a whopping 35.2% in January 2018 alone, as compared to the first month of 2017
  • January’s number was exceeded in March 2018 – indicating that tourism arrivals are becoming more consistent throughout the year and that Belize is becoming less affected by seasonality than other destinations (word must be getting around about the excellent year round weather)A recent report in eTurbo News makes the interesting observation that the Association of British Travel Agents’ Travel Trends Report for 2018 indicates that today’s travellers are continuing to look for new places to visit. Over a quarter – some 27% of travellers – say they plan to visit a destination they’ve never been to before.

“Majorca again? Oh, let’s do try Belize this year, Reggie. I’ve heard wonderful things about it!”

The report also suggests that the increase in more high-end, luxury Belizean resorts is drawing more European and UK travellers.

This makes a lot of sense, and helps explain the growing appeal of Chaa Creek. Travellers worldwide seek novelty and new experiences. And it’s good to see that a sense of adventure lives on – something Chaa Creek has been specialising in since the 1980s.

People also enjoy their creature comforts, and look for a bit of luxury and pampering when they get away from the daily grind. With such a wide range of eco-luxe accommodations – from the bucolic jungle simplicity of the Macal River Camp to the butler-serviced, stunningly beautiful Ix Chel Rainforest Villas, and the signature Cottage Collection as well as various suites and villas nestled in between, Chaa Creek offers something for everyone and every budget.


And with the internationally recognised Hilltop Spa, a fine-dining restaurant and lounge, a wealth of onsite amenities and attractions within a 400-acre private nature reserve, it’s little wonder Chaa Creek is known throughout the travel industry as Belize’s “Destination Within The Destination.”

Culinary and cultural tourism are also two hotly growing travel niches, and are two areas Belize and, especially, Chaa Creek are gaining worldwide reputations in.


Nouvelle Belize Cuisine, a fusion of Maya, Creole, Garifuna and Belizean ethnic cooking with contemporary global influences, is attracting more attention and is something Chaa Creek has had a hand in developing. Pioneering farm-to-table dining in Belize with the onsite Maya organic farm, sponsoring internationally renowned chefs to mentor their local counterparts, and other initiatives have all contributed to the development of Belize’s culinary skills and reputation.

Europeans, like a growing number of North Americans, are seriously interested in culture while travelling, and with the Cultural Grand Tour and other all-inclusive Belize vacation packages, expeditions and excursions, cultural tourism is something else Chaa Creek has promoted over the years.

Another thing we’ve noticed that Europeans, Brits and North Americans (that’s you too, Canada) find important is green, sustainable tourism, and this is something Belize and Chaa Creek are world leaders in. Truly. Belize’s tourism industry – a relatively recent phenomenon that only came into its own after independence in 1981, has since inception had environmental and social sustainability at its core, and Chaa Creek, recognised by National Geographic with first place honours at the 2017 World Legacy Awards in Berlin, has garnered numerous environmental awards over the years.

As reported in a recent Chaa Creek Belize Travel Blog post, overnight tourism arrivals in Belize pretty much shot through the roof again in 2018, exceeding last year’s numbers, which exceeded those of the year before (if you see a trend here, you’re not alone). Now, with this recent data showing that popularity isn’t just confined to the easy-to-reach Americas, we’re brushing up on our German, French, Italian, Dutch, Scandinavian and other languages.


Willkommen in Belize!
Bienvenue au Belize!
Benvenuto in Belize!
Welkom in Belize!
Velkommen til Belize!
Välkommen till Belize!
Fáilte go dtí an Bheilís!
Ongi etorri Belizeara!
Добро пожаловать в Белиз!

And to everyone sharing this planet with us,
Welcome to Belize!

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