How “Safe Travels” Is More Than Just A Saying Right Now

That age-old goodbye has a fresh meaning these days

We’d like to share some thoughts expressed in a recent Travel+Leisure article that caught our attention. 

Let’s face it – any article titled, “These Travel Insiders Say Now’s The Best Time To Go Abroad In Decades – Here’s Why” is bound to raise eyebrows.

WestJet Calgary To Belize Flights

“Really? Tell me more…”

And author Paul Brady does.

In the article, he describes experiences gleaned from travel experts reporting from Kenya to Quito to back his argument that, contrary to what you may assume, this is indeed a great time to travel.

And this is especially true for nature-based destinations like Belize.

One example is Craig Beal, a travel agent who, tired of being locked down, decided to go travel with a fellow professional. This is what they found:

You’re getting massive slices of wilderness pretty much to yourself for the moment.”

belize wildlife howler monkey hanging off tree

Now, here in Belize, and especially at Chaa Creek, surrounded by a 400-acre private nature reserve, “massive slices of wilderness” are always on offer. But Beal’s point is that the slowdown in global travel presents a rare opportunity to enjoy popular destinations at a more leisurely, less populated pace.

aerial photo of the chaa creek private nature reserve property including the river

For those willing to venture out right now, the rewards can huge.

And, once again, thanks to Belize’s government and tourism professionals working closely together, our visitors can enjoy maximum rewards with minimal risk.

Belize and Chaa Creek built global reputations based on positive word of mouth, and you can be sure everyone here is going the distance to maintain that enviable status. 

Another point the T+L feature makes that we’re grateful for, is:

Over the past several weeks, Travel + Leisure has spoken with numerous travel insiders who say that going on a vacation right now is not only possible but essential to both local communities and the global travel industry”

Chaa Creek Pack A Pound 2018 2
Chaa Creek’s Pack-a-Pound program assists thousands of kids every year

Tourism has had a significant impact on the standard of living in Belize. Local communities, schools, hospitals, social services looking after the elderly, needy and others, have all benefitted immeasurably from Belize’s dramatic rise as a travel destination. 

Here at Chaa Creek, our reputation for sustainable tourism and responsible travel has attracted the sorts of travellers who are particularly aware of and sensitive to the effect tourism has on host countries and cultures.

belize hiking naturalist guide with guest at chaa creek resort
Naturalist Guide narrating jungle facts to guest

Now is the time to really give something back to the people and communities who have welcomed visitors and expanded so many travellers’ horizons and understanding of the natural world and cultures.

With an increasing number of airlines resuming services, Belize is once again a short hop for many people, and the nationwide response and commitment to safe travel makes visiting Belize a healthy choice.

Belize Barrier Reef

Which leads us to a final point the Travel+Leisureexperts make:

Many of these travel experts say it’s important to have first-hand knowledge of new protocols and procedures to better advise their clients, who are making travel plans and considering vacations this winter.”

We couldn’t agree more, except to say that you don’t need a travel expert to give you advice about the new common-sense protocols and procedures Belize and resorts like Chaa Creek have put in place.

Hand washing & sanitizing stations installed around The Lodge at Chaa Creek

Websites like the Belize Tourism Board’s Chaa Creek’s are regularly updated with the latest facts, advisories, and procedures for entering and travelling in Belize. 

While we certainly encourage you to speak with your favourite travel agent, Belize’s travel requirements are straightforward and easy enough for anyone to follow.

Visit the government website, download the Belize Health App,available at the Apple App Store and Android Apps, or download the self-reporting form from the Belize Ministry of Health’s website.

You should also take a Covid-19 PCR test 72 hours prior to arrival, and bring proof of your negative result with you. Otherwise, you’ll be tested at Belize’s International Airport. A positive test results in a mandatory 14-day quarantine at your expense, so yes – it’s a good idea to be tested before leaving.

After that, entry to Belize is its usual breeze. Your temperature will be digitally checked, footwear sanitised, and, after customs and immigration, off you go.

If staying at a Tourism Gold Standard Certified resort, like The Lodge at Chaa Creek, you’ll be picked up with a Gold Standard Certified vehicle and driver, meaning that from start to finish, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that every aspect of your vacation meets some of the world’s most rigorous screening criteria.

chaa creek toyota prado suv parked at the belize international airport parking lot

Accommodations, staff, amenities and vehicles are all scrupulously screened, and a dedicated Health and Safety Officer is on the property 24/7 to ensure daily compliance with these standards.

Rest assured that we’re all looking over every aspect of your wellbeing so that you don’t need to. Instead, we want you to kick back and enjoy the casual luxury, exciting natural activities and great dining that Chaa Creek has always offered.

Prince Harry Wedding Honeymoon Food Menu at Chaa Creek

And when you return, we want you to fully agree with Travel+Leisure experts that,

“Now’s the Best Time to Go Abroad (to Belize)”

We think you will.

Stay safe, keep washing those hands, and we hope to see you soon!

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