Hey Americans! You Voted, Now Treat Yourselves To A Very Affordable, Flash Vacation In Belize

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  1. From One Vibrant Democracy to another...

From One Vibrant Democracy to another…

Dear Americans

Congratulations on capturing the world’s attention with another exercise in democracy. Regardless of how you voted, the fact that so many of you did vote is impressive, and here in Belize – another former British Colony turned vibrant democracy, we salute you.

And here at Chaa Creek, we’d like to offer you a reward.


Because, let’s face it –absorbing so much information, listening to all the speeches, considering all the issues and then making informed decisions after standing in long lines can take it out of a citizen.

Which is why we’d like to offer some post election relaxation that’s as affordable as it is refreshing.

Now, with voting over and the weather turning colder up north, how does lounging around an infinity pool or in a hammock on your own private tropical veranda sound? Perhaps enjoying a cool drink or a good book after a refreshing swim before heading into the Mariposa restaurant for some fresh seafood and delicious farm-to-table dining?

Prince Harry Wedding Honeymoon Food Menu at Chaa Creek

Or getting some healthy exercise canoeing the tranquil Macal River, walking the nature trails crisscrossing a secure 400-acre private nature reserve, taking part in guided morning bird watching, or maybe exploring the mysteries of Belize’s ancient Maya civilisation with a guided tour of the onsite Belize Natural History Centre?

Belize natural history center Maya at Chaa creek

Then there’s the peaceful feeling of being surrounded by the iridescent beauty of huge blue Morpho butterflies at the Butterfly farm…

All this and more – including eco-luxe accommodations and luxurious amenities, is yours for under US$100 a day.

The Luxurious Ix Chel Villas at Chaa Creek

But you have to act quickly. This limited time offer is good only until December 2018.

Too soon? You can still enjoy all those things with a 30% discount until December 15, 2018.

You’ve just spent weeks and months considering so many different things in order to make some important, carefully informed decisions…maybe now’s the time to make a snap decision that’s guaranteed to delight you and your friends and family.


We have a feeling that in two, four, six or more years, you’ll still be very happy with this choice.

And we promise we won’t talk politics!

Contact your favourite travel agent or Chaa Creek today and ask about our Post-Midterms Super Saver and Early Bird Specials… our team of vacation planners are standing by to help you get the most out of your Belize holiday.

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