The World’s Love Affair With Belize Continues, And New Flights From Mexico Are Bringing More Suitors

New Flights From Mexico Are Bringing More Suitors to Belize

Belize’s Philip Goldson International Airport has just become busier with a new air service from Mexico City added to its ever-growing roster of international flights.

Mexico Belize Direct Flights via Aeromexico

As further proof of Belize’s rise as an international travel destination and regional hub, Aeroméxico just initiated a new seasonal, twice weekly service to Belize from Mexico City, with direct flights scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays from November 17 2018 to April 28 2019.

The 99 seater Aeroméxico Embraer 190 jets will depart Mexico 8.30 am and arrive in Belize 10.30 am, and then leave Belize at 12.00 pm for arrival in Mexico at 2.25 pm.

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The inaugural flight’s touchdown in Belize was met with cheers and applause from a group of Mexican and Belizean businesspeople, diplomats and assorted well wishers, with Mexico’s ambassador to Belize, Carlos Quesnal enthusing that:

“These new flights are an important milestone for the people of Mexico, and we believe they will strengthen the ties between our two countries.”

Amen to that. With more than eight million people in Mexico City alone, many of whom are part of a rising middle class that loves to travel, Mexico is both a good neighbour and a growing source of vacationers.

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The Mexico City flights are also a boon for European, UK, Asian and other international passengers who wish to bypass the more congested US airports on the way to Belize.

Belize has now become Aeroméxico’s 50th global destination, and we’re betting “the little country that could” is about to record another year of increased tourism arrivals – as it has done for the past three years.

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The new flights also mean that Philip Goldson is now operating at maximum capacity, and, according to Communities Digital News, quoting Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Manuel Heredia, plans are afoot to upgrade San Pedro and Placencia’s airports to be able to handle international traffic.

Ah, isn’t it nice to be popular?

Stay tuned…

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