Chaa Creek, Belize, and National Geographic – Mutual Respect And A Mutual Love Of Planet Earth

Belize makes the grade as National Geographic lists the most exciting travel destinations of 2019

We love National Geographic, and who doesn’t?

For years they’ve opened the world to the world, engaging people and bringing them closer together with the most insightful travel journalism combined with stunning images of the plants, people and animals with whom we share this beautiful spinning blue orb of ours.

EcoKids2015-howler-monkeys -1
Howler Monkeys at Chaa Creek

So when Nat Geo speaks, the world listens. And when they speak about Belize… we’re all ears

In a recent feature article, “Best Trips 2019 – The World’s Most Exciting Destinations For the Year Ahead” Belize joined far flung travel hotspots including China, Tahiti, France, Greenland, New Zealand, Oman and New Mexico as the travel experts’ picks.

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And what we particularly liked was that National Geographic shares our own emphasis on sustainable travel. Sure, Belize is an incredibly beautiful country filled with exotic flora, fauna, tropical birds and some of the friendliest people on the planet, but what is increasingly catching global attention is the national commitment towards protecting the environment and supporting communities.

Under “Belize” and a “Why Go Now?” tagline asking readers to “Support Bold Moves To Save The Oceans” the article begins with:

“One of Central America’s smallest countries (roughly the size of Massachusetts), is making big waves in marine conservation.”

Sure, we’ve always liked hearing about Belize’s pristine rainforests, plethora of ancient Maya ruins, the world’s second largest barrier reef sheltering scores of tiny islands and the beautiful Caribbean coast, the diverse landscape with many things to do, and the friendly English-speaking people happy to show visitors where and how to enjoy it all.


However, at Chaa Creek the focus has also been on how to safeguard all those things. For decades Chaa Creek has been at the forefront of Belize’s development of sustainable tourism practices and providing models that prove green operations can and do go hand in hand with success.

And it’s not just Chaa Creek – Belizeans all over the country have supported measures such as a moratorium on oil exploration on the Belize Barrier reef – the world’s second largest, tougher environmental legislation, the banning of single use Styrofoam cups and plastic utensils by Earth Day 2019, and other initiatives.

And – News Flash – Belize was just confirmed as Chair of the 44-member Alliance of Small island States (AOSIS), where “Advancing the work to achieve sustainable development goals will be a major focus over the next two years.”

So when Belize is recognised by the world’s leading travel authority for having both beauty and the commitment to protect it, we’re doubly happy.

Natural beauty, cultural riches, and a national obligation to protect them – that’s how we like to see Belize presented.


Because if promoting Belize also promotes sustainable tourism, we truly are in a win-win situation.

So thanks again, National Geographic – and here’s a promise that we’ll continue to work to raise awareness, educate, and lobby for more protections for the environment and cultural heritage we all share.

Disclaimer – We’d love National Geographic regardless of the fact that in 2017 they honoured Chaa Creek with first place honours for “Engaging Communities” at The World Legacy Awards held in Berlin.

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