It’s beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Christmas came early for some deserving families and individuals, thanks to St Andrews School and The Lodge at Chaa Creek

Christmas – don’t you love it? The decorations and colourful lights, the happy expectations of children looking forward to waking up on that special day, the older family members looking forward to seeing those kids, and the general joyousness that continues to make Christmas one of the world’s most enthusiastically celebrated birthdays.

belize Christmas caroling 2018 kids eating at guava limb restaurant

And one of the things we particularly love about the Yuletide season is how it fosters a community spirit – how whole towns, villages and even cities come together to decorate public spaces and join in singing Christmas carols.

We also love how the season often makes people want to reach out to the less fortunate among us.

belize Christmas caroling 2018 group photo

So when community, charity and carolling come together, we’re all smiles.

For instance:

Each year since 2015 the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena come alive with singing, giving and gratitude when the students of St Andrews School, led by Father David, take to the streets and homes to deliver song, presents, and that most important gift of all – caring.

belize Christmas caroling hamper distribution
Fr. David handing over a Christmas hamper to a local family

For the elderly, the infirm, disabled and those stuck at home, sometimes just the realisation that someone out there cares about you is the best gift of all.

And once again this year, The Lodge at Chaa Creek joined in helping Fr David and his merry band of carollers work their magic.

belize christmas caroling 2018 bus transportation
Transportation courtesy of The Lodge at Chaa Creek

A luncheon for over thirty volunteers at Chaa Creek’s downtown Guava Limb Café helped ensure the Christmas Carolling Crew would be in good voice and spirits as they made their first rounds around town, with the jingle belled jungle lodge’s bus providing transport for distributing ten Christmas hampers to ten deserving families.

belize christmas caroling group singing at night

Roberto Harrison, who for the second year helped out and accompanied the carollers, reported that he, Fr David and the students were well rewarded for their efforts with the smiles of grateful recipients, and were looking forward to a second day of singing and gift-giving.

belize Christmas caroling 2018 group singing

Chaa Creek owners Mick and Lucy Fleming, who last year were awarded by National Geographic for their work in “Engaging Communities,” said they were only too happy to lend a hand.

“We feel very fortunate to be part of such a vibrant, caring community where everyone just naturally looks out for each other and takes care of those in need,” Lucy said.

“We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all the help and goodwill we received when we were just starting out in the 1970s, and to be able to give something back after all these years is truly a blessing.

belize Christmas caroling 2018 visiting the sick

“It’s a gift for us that really brings home the true spirit of Christmas,” she added.

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