A True Jungle Experience That’s Both Exciting And Comfortable…And Surprisingly Affordable

Indiana Jones never had it so good…

There’s a bit of the call of the wild in all of us. From The African Queen to the adventures of Indiana Jones, there’s something about jungles and rainforests that capture the imagination.

Used to be, to respond to that call with a true jungle adventure, you had to trek through some pretty inhospitable terrain and spend your nights sleeping rough around a campfire. Of course, the rewards were many – like the throaty calls of howler monkeys mixed with the hoot of owls at night under starry skies and trees sparkling with fireflies.

EcoKids2015-howler-monkeys -1

 And then waking up to birdsongs and the sounds of a jungle coming to life on a new day. If you’re lucky, the embers of the campfire are still alive, and soon the aroma of coffee wafts through the rainforest. Luckier still if this is followed by a hearty breakfast to prepare you for another day of exciting exploration.

Maybe you’ll climb into a canoe for an excursion down a meandering tropical river whose banks are alive with birds and wildlife, or into the saddle for a horseback ride through jungle trails.

Birds of Belize Great Horned Owl

Or maybe, like Indiana, you’ll be climbing stone steps to the top of an ancient Maya temple, or wading into a sacred ceremonial cave complete with altars, sacrificial skulls, jade axe heads, pottery and other artefacts.

Now, imagine all of this, but without the inhospitable trek and the sleeping rough parts. Instead, picture waking up in a comfortable bed in your own lovely little bungalow, or casita, after having enjoyed a delicious home-cooked dinner and stories around a campfire. The coffee is brewed, and a hearty Belizean breakfast is on the way.

And the best part is, you don’t need to use your imagination – not if you’re staying at Chaa Creek’s Macal River Camp.


The Macal River Camp is Chaa Creek’s rustic jungle hideaway, built with the same attention to environmental sustainability as all Chaa Creek accommodations, but without the bells and whistles. Or electricity. Instead, you’re experiencing the rainforest just as Mick and Lucy Fleming did back in the day when they first canoed down the Macal River and discovered the little overgrown farm that became Chaa Creek.

macal river camp casitas interior at chaa creek

And when the call of comfort nudges the call of the wild, a fifteen minute scenic stroll above the Macal River takes you back to the Lodge proper; replete with fine dining, infinity pool, pampering at the Hilltop Spa, a selection of onsite activities such as the Belize Natural History Museum and Butterfly Farm, and all the refined amenities that The Lodge at Chaa Creek is known for.

Belize natural history center Maya at Chaa creek

To be able to pleasantly amble from true jungle wilderness to the luxury of a world-class eco-resort is one of those rare and wonderful “only in Belize” experiences, and the Macal River Camp is the unique, budget-friendly way for families, couples, groups and individuals to enjoy a wilderness adventure in comfort and security.

The Camp’s ten casitas – Spanish for “little house” – are set above the ground, each with its own veranda, hammocks, and jungle views.

macal river camp managers at chaa creek

With fresh linens and towels, hygienic, eco-friendly showers and bathrooms, a large airy thatched palapa serving as a common dining and entertaining area, and delicious, home cooked meals served by the friendly Juarez family, the Camp offers a wildly civilised Belizean jungle experience.

macal river camp restaurant at chaa creek

And, in addition to all the amenities, attractions and activities within Chaa Creek’s 400-acre private nature reserve, Camp guests also have Belize’s most experienced and knowledgeable naturalist guides to help them discover their rainforest surroundings and the rest of the country, from the Belize Barrier Reef to the ancient Maya city of Tikal in nearby Guatemala.

With Chaa Creek Expeditions ready to take you virtually anywhere in Belize, a wide selection of tours, excursions, village visits, ancient Maya temples and archaeology sites at your doorstep, the Macal River camp is also the perfect home base for exploring all of Belize – at a fraction of the cost of other lodgings.


Whether travelling on a budget, wishing to stretch the vacation dollar by saving on accommodations, or simply wanting to experience a stay in a pristine rainforest setting, discover what Belizeans, students, professional birders and other travellers have known for years – Chaa Creek’s Macal River Camp is another one of Belize’s hidden gems.

And while we can’t promise you’ll discover the Temple of Doom, we can guarantee plenty of ancient Maya temples. And guess where the real, actual Crystal Skull came from?

You’d better Belize it…

Contact your favourite travel agent or Chaa Creek directly, maybe find a battered fedora, bullwhip and pair of binoculars (but please leave the pistols at home) and get ready for your own Indiana Jones adventure.

It’ll be a jungle experience you’ll never forget.

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