7 Great Reasons To Visit Belize in July (2022Update)

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  1. Here’s Why You Must Visit Belize in July
    1. 1. Two words: Food Festivals in July
    2. 2. The real farm-to-table experience
    3. 3. Instagram-worthy historic sites
    4. 4. The real ‘Great’ outdoors
    5. 5. Belize July Weather
    6. 6. Belize's Sustainable Tourism
    7. 7. Belize Resort Offer for Belize in July

Here’s Why You Must Visit Belize in July

First of all, with summer just around the bend, now is truly the best time to start planning your next holiday in Belize in July. Wildly civilized and welcoming, Belize offers a combination of sublime jungle vistas combined with breathtaking diving sites all along the reef. Moreover, if two weeks in summer is all you get for your holiday, you’re in luck! Belize lies just south of continental United States so there’s no shortage of affordable and daily direct flights. There are tons of great reasons to visit Belize in July, keep reading while we highlight a few!

1. Two words: Food Festivals in July

Food is such an indelible part of Belize life and culture and throughout the year a wide assortment of Belize food festivals are held to herald the emergence of in season fruits and marine and game meats. So far as foodie festivals go in Belize, the largest by far is the annual Lobster Festival in July.

belize caye caulker lobster fest in july

It’s the ultimate beach party meets gourmand food experience; sea, sand and food in an intoxicating combination of sensory experiences for both the body and the palate.

2. The real farm-to-table experience

Forget factory farms. That’s because life is simpler here, and animals is raised ethically and given free reign to roam. Belize’s tropical climate also supports a remarkable array of tropical fruits and indigenous herbs and spices. Summer brings with it creamy avocados, sweet mangoes, plump pitayas along with spicy habaneros and the ubiquitous red achiote.

Pitaya,Dragon Fruits

The flavours of Belize are truly a window into the colourful and remarkably diverse people and cultures of this sublimely quaint and friendly space.

3. Instagram-worthy historic sites

While Belize is home to many races and cultures, this one time British colony was also once the home of the ancient Maya civilization. Evidence of their long, storied settlement on the land most clearly evident by the immensely large and towering temple sites emerging from the lush jungle interior.

Photo of El Castillo at Xunantunich courtesy tonyrath.com

Hundreds of Maya sites, including temples, caves and historic towns and rivers reveal bits and pieces of the lives they once lived. So while food may be one of the best reasons to visit Belize, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to experience the magic of the ancient Maya landscape of Belize.

The entrance of Belize’s Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave

4. The real ‘Great’ outdoors

If what you’d like is to get close to nature, there are a plethora of nature and wildlife reserves scattered across the local landscape, all of which are great spots to see curious primates, the enigmatic jaguar, exotic birds, and the gentle Whale Shark.

Belize of Belize - The Scarlet Macaw

You’d be hard pressed to find Belize’s equal in terms of biodiversity. Beyond the jungle limits there are also opportunities for snorkeling, deep sea diving, sailing and fishing. Add the Great Belize Blue Hole to your must see list. Once called one of the most amazing sites in the world by famed ocean explorer, Jacques Costeau, it’s now also a UNESCO world heritage site.


5. Belize July Weather

Talk about a perfect mix – the Weather in Belize in July is usually sunny with temperatures with highs of 86F during daytime and lows of 79F during night time.

And with scattered showers here and there, the dense Jungle begins to return to its vibrant green hue.

6. Belize’s Sustainable Tourism

As travel continues to grow countries are struggling to keep up with the increasing demands of travelers. This leads to a host of environmental and social concerns to destinations and their communities.


This is the reason why Belize has adapted the Sustainable Tourism model, making sure that the land and people benefit from the tourism industry. Belize is well known for its protected areas and World Heritage Sites such as the Great Blue Hole. It is also known to be home to some of the world’s leading Eco Jungle Lodges.

Want to discover new cultures, climb towering Mayan temples, swim inside one of the top 12 sacred caves in the world, swim with sharks and stingrays and give back while traveling? Belize is your go-to destination!

7. Belize Resort Offer for Belize in July

There are truly many ways to have an incredible Belize vacation experience, and no one way is the only way. But for great Belize resort offers (and to avoid the wintertime rush which is a blessing in itself), if there was ever a time to do it, July is it.

chaa creek swimming pool aerial shot of grounds

Book a stay for Belize in July and earn up to $150 resort credit if you stay for three or more nights. It’s easy, affordable and you qualify for complimentary onsite activities like access to the resort’s Ruta Maya trail network, the Maya Medicinal Plant trail, a scenic canoe trip down the Macal River and lots more.


So while moderate temperature and cool breezes make Belize in July a perfect time to visit, if you’re looking for a unique vacation experience for yourself and a loved one, Belize is a wonderful choice. Email us today or call us TOLL FREE at +1-877-709-8708 for more information before this offer runs out!

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