Chaa Creek Celebrates Back To School With Its 16 Scholarship Winners

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  1. Commemorating one milestone at a time: 
  2. The 2023-2024 Chaa Creek Scholarship Recipients: Congratulations! 

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” 

~Malcolm X

16 Belizean scholars are now closer to achieving their educational goals thanks to the annual Chaa Creek Academic Scholarship Program, which has offered financial assistance to over 250 Students since its inception in 1995.

the lodge at chaa creek

This year the 16 students selected presented excellent grades and exceptional talents. Mrs. Fleming chairs the initiative and is Chaa Creek’s co-founding owner. She shared that she is constantly awestruck by the enthusiasm of Belizean students who answer Chaa Creek’s annual call for the pursuit of academic knowledge. 

scholarship students the lodge at chaa creek

Commemorating one milestone at a time:

To celebrate their achievements with a sprinkle of adventure, each student received an invitation for a tour of The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s Butterfly Farm & Natural History Centre and a luncheon with Mrs. Fleming. 

Chaa Creek Butterfly Farm
the lodge at chaa creek scholarship students

The 2023-2024 Chaa Creek Scholarship Recipients: Congratulations!

• Ken Vasquez 

• Ashley Vasquez

• Jaheem Melendez

• Elive Tzib

• Raoni Guerra

• Jacie Rodriguez

• Ivan Cu

• Elvin De La Rosa

• Liandra Benjamin

• Kathleen Vasquez

• Anthony Ayala

• Lorely Santos

• Alyjah Tzib

• Govani Castellanos

• Pricela Mai

• Dorian Pech

Lucy Fleming added, we wish all our young scholars the very best as they define their future, strive for excellence and make their loved ones proud.

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