Beautiful Belize Wildlife at Chaa Creek: 5 You Must See

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  1. We’d Like You To Meet Some Local Belize Wildlife Visitors To Chaa Creek
  2. Monkeys
  3. Birds of Belize
  4. Big Cats of Belize
  5. Kinkajous and Coatimundis
  6. Belize Iguanas

We’d Like You To Meet Some Local Belize Wildlife Visitors To Chaa Creek

In a popular travel destination like Belize, with its low population density and wide-open spaces, the recent lack of visitors has been particularly noticeable.

And in the nature-based, intimate rainforest setting of Chaa Creek, a Belize jungle lodge where the owners enjoy chatting with guests, and naturalist guides delight in showing visitors the wonders of the surrounding jungle and river, this paucity of people really affects us.

But nature abhors a vacuum, and a colorful collection of curious Belize wildlife has been coming by to fill the spaces usually occupied by our other visitors.

We’re looking forward – really looking forward, to welcoming our human friends back to our rainforest home, and in the meantime thought you’d like to meet some of our Belize wildlife forest friends who have been stopping by:


howler monkey on branch at chaa creek belize resort

Howler and Spider monkeys, native to Belize, can be seen – and definitely heard – cavorting about the jungle canopy.

Years ago Chaa Creek organized the Howler Monkey Relocation Project to bring the Belizean “Baboon,” back into the area after disease and hunting decimated their population. If you’re awakened by that distinctive, guttural howl, feel free to complain to Head Howler Honcho Mick Fleming – and be prepared for another fascinating bit of Chaa Creek history.

Birds of Belize

birds of belize black headed trogon at chaa creek resort

Toucans, Hummingbirds, Mot-Mots, Parrots and hundreds of other beautiful avian species abound in the 400-acre private nature reserve that surrounds Chaa Creek.

Your room comes with complimentary early morning birding walks guided by specialist nature guides. And don’t blame us if you join the many thousands who have made birding one of the world’s most popular pastimes.

Big Cats of Belize

belize wildlife jaguar at chaa creek nature reserve

You may not see these shy, nocturnal creatures, but sometimes you’ll hear their distinctive cries as they look for mates or mark their territories during the night. Our sharp-eyed naturalist guides are adept at pointing out scat and other signs of jaguars, pumas, ocelots and the more common jaguarundis and margays during nature walks, and you can get up close and personal with these beautiful felines and other Belize wildlife at the Belize Zoo.

Kinkajous and Coatimundis

belize wildlife Coatimundis at chaa creek resort

These lively little critters are found throughout Belize, and can occasionally be encountered during one of Chaa Creek’s guided “Creatures of the Night” nocturnal nature walks. With hunting long prohibited throughout the surrounding 400-acre private nature reserve established by the Fleming Family, these and other cute, curious and captivating creatures have become common visitors.

Belize Iguanas

belize wildlife green iguanas at chaa creek

During the highly recommended canoe paddle down the Macal River to San Ignacio Town, the sight and big splash of iguanas are just part of the riverine experience. While technically called the Green Iguana, these giant lizards – growing up to five or six feet from nose to tail tip – sport different colours as they mature, with the males, locally known as Garobos, turning a distinctive orange. Fun fact – back in the day, the iguana, aka “Bamboo Chicken”, graced many a Belizean dinner table.

These are just a few of our friendly Belize wildlife who have been stopping by wondering where all the visitors have gone. Whether dipping their beaks in the infinity pool, wandering through the manicured tropical gardens, taking advantage of the abundance of the Maya Organic Garden, or just hanging out, they’ve been keeping us company during these oddly quiet months.

And don’t worry – they, like we humans, will be on hand to welcome Chaa Creek’s guests when borders reopen, planes take to the skies and life returns to normal.

See you soon!

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