Happy Birthday Belize and Chaa Creek!

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  1. You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

Those of us of a certain age will remember that advertising jingle, and while seriously out of date, it seems so appropriate to Belize’s birthday that we couldn’t help ourselves.

It harkens back to those heady days surrounding September 21, 1981, when the dream of Belizean independence was finally realised, and The Little Country That Could took those first baby steps on the world stage.


With jubilation at home and abroad as the UN welcomed its 156th member, the former Crown Colony of British Honduras took its place among the other sovereign nations of the world, realising the dreams of nationhood that began with victory at the Battle of St George’s Caye on September 10, 1798.

st Georges caye battle belize september celebrations

That dream continued with the rise of trade unionism, self-rule, and the forging of a national identity that culminated with the joyous celebration of Belize’s independence on September 21, 1981.

September 1981 is also when an adventurous young couple began turning their farm at Chaa Creek into Belize’s first eco-resort. But more on that later…

chaa creek resort belize early days

Fast forward nearly forty years, and Belize is a thriving country whose harmonious multicultural society and commitment to environmental sustainability has become a model for the rest of the world.


Setting aside almost a quarter of the nation’s land and territorial waters as protected areas, imposing moratoriums on oil drilling, commercial fish trawling and other activities that could threaten the world’s second largest barrier reef while creating a vibrant tourism industry based on sustainability and responsible travel – these are just a few examples of Belize’s sustainable development.

Belize bans offshore oil drilling

Now, as the world grapples with an unforeseen and unprecedented global pandemic, Belize has again risen to this new challenge with smart, decisive action that continues to put people first.  

And with private and public sectors working together, Belize is set to open its international airport and welcome visitors on the first of October, 2020.


By cooperating with a few simple, sensible procedures designed to ensure the safety of visitors and locals alike, people can once again enjoy Belize’s stunning natural beauty and the warm welcome of the country’s famously friendly people.

chaa creek tree top villas 2019

And The Lodge at Chaa Creek, along with its touring and transport company, Chaa Creek Inland Expeditions, is ready to greet guests at the international airport and transport them to Belize’s widest range of accommodations, amenities and activities.

belize chaa creek inland expeditions tour suv fleet toyota prado

Nestled within a 400-acre private nature reserve, with a spacious pool, natural history museum, spa, one of Belize’s best restaurants, and a wealth of activities including swimming, nature hikes, canoeing and jungle safaris, Chaa Creek is once again offering a relaxing, safe haven for visitors from around the world.

belize jungle resort chaa creek property aerial

Looks like the Little Country That Could, did it again.

We welcome you to join us in a robust Happy Birthday Belize, with celebrations that will run from now until the New Year. Special all-inclusive Belize vacation packages for Thanksgiving and Christmas will make getting away surprising easy and affordable for families, couples, groups, and anyone looking to enjoy the casual luxury Belize and Chaa Creek have become known for.


It’s been quite a journey, and we look forward to having you join us, as the adventure continues.

Speak with your travel agent or contact Chaa Creek directly to say Happy Birthday Belize and learn how easy and safe a relaxing rainforest vacation can be. We look forward to having you join us!

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