Belize and Chaa Creek’s New Health and Safety Measures Make For Carefree, Relaxing, and Rewarding Vacations

With Belize’s Philip Goldson International Airport set to reopen on the first of October, 2020, Chaa Creek’s health and safety officer said staff members have been working diligently to make sure that Belize’s first and foremost eco-resort is “one of the healthiest destinations on the planet.”

belize philip goldson international airport interior waiting area

But that doesn’t mean enhanced hygiene and other practices will be relaxed anytime soon.

“Being confident doesn’t mean you relax or take your eye off the ball for a second,” Brion Young said.

“If visitors could look behind the scenes and see the effort Belize tourism generally, and Chaa Creek specifically, have put into creating the safest possible environment for visitors, workers and communities, they’d share our confidence.

private dining under the stars at chaa creek
Private dining under the stars at Chaa Cteek

“But this is all about results, not efforts. We want guests to enjoy carefree vacations while we take care of the details that make it all happen,” he added.

Many of those details are outlined in the Belize Tourism Board’s Tourism Gold Standard Recognition Program, which is available on the BTB website.

The program includes a comprehensive, nine-point checklist covering all aspects of operations from the moment guests are picked up at the international airport (where they must pass initial screening) until they depart. To obtain Gold Standard Certification, hotels and resorts must, in addition to other requirements,  satisfy all nine points.

chaa creek staff preparing for gold standards operations
chaa creek staff preparing for gold standards operations

The Lodge at Chaa Creek and Chaa Creek Inland Expeditions tours and transport were some of the first enterprises to obtain Gold Standard Certification

Vehicle, driver and passenger hygiene, contactless check in, enhanced sanitation in rooms and common areas,  and the ability to offer guests a completely satisfying vacation without leaving the resort are all part of the certification process.

belize horseback riding couple in jungle social distancing

If this all sounds a bit extreme, not to worry, Brion says…

“Along with safety, the overriding goal is to allow visitors to relax and have a great vacation, so the program is designed to have minimal impact on our guests. You may notice masks in common areas, the abundance of hand sanitisers, sanitation stations, and other things, but Chaa Creek grew over time to be spacious and airy, with plenty of gardens, greenspaces, private balconies and the like.

“In addition, as a nature-based jungle lodge, we’ve always offered swimming, hiking, guided birding and nature walks, canoeing, horseback riding and other healthy activities that feature fresh air and built-in distancing.

best belize birding tours at Chaa creek lodge

“We appreciate that this has been a difficult year so far, and people just want to get away, get close to nature, and have a break.

“We want to provide that experience, and with all the casual luxury and healthy outdoor activities Chaa Creek is famous for,” he explained.  

Brion encourages people to visit Chaa Creek and the Belize Tourism Board’s websites to learn more about the Tourism Gold Standard Recognition Program and to check for updates.

chaa creek and belize gets a whole lotta love xunantunich mayan ruins
El Castillo structure at Xunantunich Mayan Ruins

“They outline what visitors need to do to have a quick, effortless entry into Belize, and in a way that safeguards their and everyone’s health.

“Once you’re in, you’ll have a personalised app that provides and collects information that allows for more ease of movement while ensuring a safe visit. And you’ll have the confidence of returning home as healthy – or healthier – as when you left,” Brion explained.

Chaa Creek is currently taking booking for vacations, and will be announcing special, all-inclusive Thanksgiving and  Christmas Belize vacation packages, as well as combined inland rainforest and Caribbean seacoast and reef vacations with Gold Standard Certified partner resorts.


“With the entire country focussed on making Belize the destination of choice during these unprecedented times, we want to continue to offer the sort of unique travel experiences that have made Belize so popular.

“We also want to let people take their attention away from some of the challenges and difficulties we’ve all been dealing with lately, and instead focus on reconnecting with nature, each other, and the good life.

chaa creek healthy belize vacations hiking

“The only C word our guests need to know is comfort,” Brion said.Visit the BTB and Chaa Creek websites to learn more, and then contact your favourite travel agent, or Chaa Creek directly, and one of our friendly, professional travel planners will work with you to create the vacation you’ve been longing for. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how easy getting away to paradise can be.

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