Chaa Creek Has Five Good Reasons To Go Slow This Summer

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  1. Less contact
  2. More Relaxation
  3. Greater appreciation
  4. More opportunities to Learn
  5. Better Value

The two hottest travel topics for 2021 are the regenerative travel and slow travel movements.

We discussed Regenerative Travel in a previous blog, and now let’s talk about how it can combine with slow travel to offer a highly satisfying summer vacation.

And to help you slow down, The Lodge at Chaa Creek is offering a complimentary day and night stay when you book a three day vacation – that’s right – pay for three, stay for four.

And after the rigors of this last year, isn’t some exquisite relaxation balanced with stimulating new experiences just what many of us are looking for?

Here are five good reasons to slow down and smell the tropical orchids.

Less contact

Yes, we’re all tired of hearing about it, but reducing contact is still a fact of life whether at home or traveling. One of the many reasons slow travel has gained in popularity is because, to quote from Travel Weekly, “those venturing out again first seek to avoid both potential points of contact as well as fast-changing border restrictions.”

And at Chaa Creek, known as Belize’s Destination Within The Destination, due to the wide range of accommodations, amenities, attractions, activities and enjoyment to be had within the Lodge’s 400-acre private nature reserve, less contact comes naturally. Pickup at the airport to check-in is contactless, and once you’re in spacious Chaa Creek, surrounded by those acres of pristine rainforest, you’re in an environment that’s naturally sanitized.

There’s so much space between lodgings, around the pool, tropical gardens, the miles of nature trails, in the lounge, restaurant, or wherever your day takes you, that you can relax.

More Relaxation

6 reasons to travel to Belize this summer woman drinking cocktail in pool

We’ve all done the fast vacation – racing here and there to check off all the sights on our lists, rising early and coming back exhausted.

Frankly, it sounded too much like the work we left behind.

Now try a slow vacation, where you take in as much as you want to – and at your own pace. You’ll be amazed at how much you still experience, and how deeper and more meaningful those experiences become – once you slow down.

Greater appreciation

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People who have embraced the Slow Travel movement say they developed a greater appreciation of the people, nature, cuisines and cultures of the host countries they visit. It’s amazing what you can learn when you have time.

Slowing down and really getting to know the land and people surrounding you gives your vacation more meaning and creates long lasting memories.

More opportunities to Learn

We’ve always believed that education is one of the pillars or sustainable tourism, and that a major benefit of travel is a deeper understanding of the world we live in – a broadening of horizons, if you will.

A Chaa Creek slow vacation offers opportunities to join traditional ethnic cooking classes, learn about Belize’s natural world, cultures and art, organic farming, traditional healing with medicinal plants, birding, and so much more.

Never canoed or been on a horse before? Our licensed naturalist guides will have you comfortable with these healthy, traditional modes of transportation in no time at all.

Better Value

Chaa Creek - Horseback-Riding

As any experienced traveler knows, it costs to move around. Transportation, changing hotels, settling into new places…it all adds up. Now, imagine a place where, once you (contactlessly) check in, you can enjoy day after day of exciting new experiences – swimming, canoeing, horseback riding, nature walks, exploring ancient Maya temples and cities, medicinal plants, traditional healing and much more – all within shouting distance of your lodgings.

Slow travel also allows for more hours relaxing in those hammocks on your veranda, soaking in your hot tub, lingering over meals, chatting in the Jungle Lounge, lazing around the pool… you can afford to do as much or as little as please.

And then add one free night for every three you pay for, and you have a richly rewarding, and seriously affordable summer vacation.

Oh yes – Chaa Creek will also provide two free COVID PCR tests to facilitate entry back into the US at the Belize government certified, onsite wellness clinic.

If going to Belize to go slow is making more sense to you, speak to your favorite travel agent or, better still, contact Chaa Creek directly and have a chat with one of our friendly vacation planners. They’ll answer any questions you have and help craft a Belize summer vacation that’s guaranteed to relax, stimulate, engage and invigorate – slowly. Taking time out to enjoy life – isn’t it what a vacation’s all about?

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