A Happy New Year Wish From All of Us At Chaa Creek

All of us here at Chaa Creek are wishing our many friends and extended family around the world all the health, happiness, good fortune and joy a new year can bring.

child guest with New Years wish on tree at chaa creek resort
Our young friend Olivia with her wish on our 2021 New Years Wishing Tree

Along with hopes for a gentler, kinder, and more enjoyable 2021.

Because we think it’s safe to say that 2020 hasn’t really been everyone’s favourite year.

New Years wishes on chaa creek wishing tree 2021
2021 New Year wishes from one of our guests at Chaa Creek

But then, we also feel it’s safe to say that there have been silver linings. For example, in meeting the challenges we’ve faced, many of us have come to a better appreciation of what’s important in our lives.

For us, it’s our families, friends and those relationships we hold dear that really came to the fore this year.

Family enjoying canoeing on the Macal River from The Lodge at Chaa Creek

And seeing so many examples of people helping each other out has strengthened our trust in the goodness of our shared humanity. 

Just as smiles beget smiles, we’ve seen how good deeds encourage good deeds.

Chaa Creek school outreach to the Corozalito community in western Belize in August of 2020

People, it turns out, are pretty good. In fact, they’re awesome. 

We’ve also seen first-hand how nature, in all her ageless wonder, can comfort, soothe and heal us – if we only stop for a moment and let her.

We know how fortunate we are here in Belize and at Chaa Creek to be surrounded by such vast, pristine wilderness, to wake up amid a natural world so alive with birdsong and wildlife.

belize jungle resort chaa creek property aerial
The Lodge at Chaa Creek is a Gold Standard Certified Property

But you’ll also find nature’s beauty in a bird singing on a city telephone wire, squirrels scampering across lawns, in the colours of leaves as seasons change. 

It’s in that spirit that we bid 2020 adieu, and welcome 2021, with all the hope, promise, and renewed optimism that a new year brings.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek Naturalist Guide Meshak

We also invite you to visit our rainforest home this year and experience for yourselves all these things that give comfort and colour to our lives – the beauty of a pristine rainforest, the quiet grandeur of ancient Maya temples, the tranquil Macal River that for thousands of years has carried generations of people through this timeless land, where the cycle of seasons continue to play out, just as they’ve done for millennia.

Chaa Creek’s Ix Chel Luxury Villas

There’s something deeply comforting about It all…  

Yes, it has been a challenging year. But history shows that challenges lead to opportunities, to new ways of looking at things. Maybe, just maybe, 2021 is the year when we all reconnect with nature, each other, and ourselves.

Romantic Poolside Dinner Under The Stars at The Lodge at Chaa Creek

In that spirit, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, we wish you all the best this life has to offer as we all enter a new year. Together.

The Fleming Family and Everyone at Chaa Creek

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