Love Belize and Chaa Creek? Let’s Vote and Show The World

It’s time for the annual Travel+Leisure “World’s Best” awards, and with it a chance to tell the world what you think about Belize and The Lodge at Chaa Creek.

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Our Luxury Rainforest Ix Chel Villas

Now, you may think that awards are all about earning a pretty ribbon or having a framed plaque on the wall.

But, actually, awards are a way to let the world know how you feel about a place and its people – especially if you feel they deserve recognition.

belize hotel of the year 2018 awarded to Chaa Creek Resort
Chaa Creek receiving the prestigious “Hotel of the year 2018” by the Belize Tourism Board

And for places trying to bounce back from a particularly challenging year, while needing to make the most of this new year, such recognition is invaluable.

There’s no doubt that we’ve all done it tough this year. But give a thought for those unsung heroes in Belize’s tourism and hospitality sector, who for years – through their hard work, professionalism, and natural warm friendliness – created an industry that has dramatically raised the standard of living throughout Belize. Tourism helped improve schools, funded hospitals and village medical clinics, contributed to the health of Belize’s environment and society while putting food on the table for thousands of families.

belize hiking naturalist guide with guest at chaa creek resort
Naturalist Guide David narrating jungle facts to guest at Chaa Creek

Belize’s world-famous brand of Eco-tourism has also raised global awareness about the value of sustainable tourism and responsible travel. Locally, this awareness resulted in the banning of oil exploration and drilling near Belize’s great barrier reef, outlawed destructive commercial fishing trawling, helped halt logging in ancient forests, reduced the trade in ancient Maya artifacts, and much, much more.


And consider programs like Chaa Creek’s Pack-a-Pound, an initiative that’s seen visitors contribute books, school supplies and learning resources to hundreds of needy school children from rural villages.


The list goes on, but we think you get the point:

Tourism is a big deal.

And that’s true now more than ever, as this unexpected global pandemic put people out of work and stressed economies around the world.

Chaa Creek Naturalist Guide Brion Young at the Belize Zoo with guests

Travel+Leisure is a popular print and online publication, with its website alone attracting over 5 million visitors a month. People use its informative, credible and entertaining travel news to help them make travel decisions. So a vote of confidence on T+L can, and does make a difference.

Travel + Leisure website screenshot

Whether you’re a local Belizean or living overseas, if you feel that Chaa Creek and Belize tourism are worthy of support, all we ask is that you take the time to vote.

You can easily do it here:

belize jungle resort chaa creek property aerial

Oh, by the way… when you vote, you’ll automatically be entered into a T+L giveaway that includes a “dream trip” for two worth US $10,000. There are also five additional prizes of $1,000 cash.

Yes, the stakes are higher than ever this year – both in rewards and the effect your vote will have. So, we’ll thank you in advance, and while encouraging you to vote with your heart, to also remember that.

eco kids summer camp 2019 day 3 mayanist miguel choco
Our Driver Guide Miguel sharing his knowledge with Eco Kids at Chaa Creek

Your Vote Counts!

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