Belize Vacation: 8 Great Reasons To Take One (In 2022)

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  1. Why A Belize Vacation (In 2022) Is A Great Idea
  2. 1. It's a family friendly destination
  3. 2. Wonderful Weather - The Kind You'd Like Year-Round
  4. 3. The People and Multifaceted Culture
  5. 4. Intriguing History and Deep Roots
  6. 5. A Dreamy Romance-Filled Belize Vacation
  7. 6. Feel Alive Again - A Belize Vacation with Rest & Relaxation
  8. 7. Adventure Wonderland
    1. Looking for a Belize Vacation offer?

Why A Belize Vacation (In 2022) Is A Great Idea

Now is a great time to plan your Belize Vacation. Let’s face it. 2020 was a very limiting year for travel, not because we didn’t want to, but many times we just couldn’t. And when we tried, many of us had to reschedule or cancel. Bummer! However, as vaccines begin to role out and travelers, countries and airlines begin to adapt, travel is becoming easier day by day.

Belize is not only geographically close and easy to get to with direct flights, but since English is the primary language it removes the frustration of having to learn a new language (Spanish) on the fly (sorry not sorry, Duolingo & Rosetta Stone).

With that said, here are 8 reasons that will convince you to secure your flights for an awesome Belize Vacation!

1. It’s a family friendly destination


Belize is becoming increasingly popular with families and for good reason. For starters, getting from point a to point b in Belize takes so little time, and won’t frustrate your kiddos! Paired with an abundance of great tours and experiences that cater to your kids to keep them busy, healthy and happy is just a match made in haven.

A stop in to the Belize Zoo, a jungle RTV Safari tour, Canoeing on the Macal River, or just swimming on a warm Belizean afternoon is all they could ask for. Oh – and the WiFi is fast! so they can still enjoy their games or favorite shows during downtime. The only complaint kids usually have is not being able to stay in Belize! 😉

2. Wonderful Weather – The Kind You’d Like Year-Round


Yes! and we mean that. Belize enjoys an average daily temperature of 80* F, and even in winter we don’t need sweaters and the like. The warmest time is usually between March – June, and the rest of the year is just as good as it gets climate wise. Sun bathing, forest bathing, and anything outdoors is just perfect here.

3. The People and Multifaceted Culture


It’s no secret that the secret ingredient to Belize’s charm and alluring enchantment is its people. Ask every single person who has visited Belize and you may likely get this as reason #1 to love Belize and to want to visit or return. Belizeans have a warmth, friendliness and joyful vibe that very few countries can claim. And this is the reason also why we cannot put it into words, it’s something so special that you must experience it for yourself, first-hand.

And since Belize has attracted persons from all over the world – we have a myriad of Belize cultures that add to the fabric of our multicultural society. Be seduced by the ethnic rhythms of Garifuna drumming on beaches of southern Belize or be enticed by an epicurean adventure where you learn to cook local Belizean cuisine, like the Open Hearth Kitchen offering cultural cooking classes at Chaa Creek.

4. Intriguing History and Deep Roots

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Belize forms a part of the Mundo Maya along with Guatemala and Mexico, which makes it naturally abundance in history and historical sites. One of the most visited Belize vacation attractions are the Maya cities all over the country. Xunantunich Mayan City for example, is home to El Castillo, which rises 40 meters above plaza level, making it one of the tallest buildings in Belize.

Belize was also once a British colony before gaining independence in 1981, and was known as British Honduras before being renamed. During this time, Belize was a mecca for logging and also for chicle or as we know it, chewing gum. “Chicleros” as they were known, would climb the tree and make cuts in the bark of the tree to collect the sap which was processed to create chewing gum. Fascinating stuff!

5. A Dreamy Romance-Filled Belize Vacation

belize horseback riding couple in jungle social distancing

From sunrise to sundowns, between lush jungles and sandy beaches, holding hands, and paddling in sync, Belize has become a bucket-list destination for the romantics at heart. Romance is best when it just flows, and nothing flows better in Belize than a couple looking to get the most out of life. Propose on the top of a Mayan temple, renew your vows on a catamaran in the middle of the Caribbean sea, celebrate your honeymoon with a romantic al’fresco dinner under the stars – the possibilities are endless! Get dreaming, and then surprise your partner with a Belize Vacation – you won’t regret it! 😉

6. Feel Alive Again – A Belize Vacation with Rest & Relaxation


With many award-winning Belize Spas that are designed with the ultimate rest and relaxation, there’s no reason not to feel well rested and rejuvenated. From exfoliating facials to refreshing Chocolate infused body wraps and massages, everyone can enjoy a Spa treatment in Belize. Feel your worries whisked away while a professional masseuse works her magic as your breathe in the fresh air purified by the dense and verdant Belizean rainforest.

7. Adventure Wonderland


Even though Belize is a relatively small country geographically speaking, there’s no shortage of things to do in Belize. Because of this unique gift, you can be hiking to the top of a Mayan temple at 9AM and be snorkeling the Belize Barrier Reef at 2PM the same day. Diving with whale sharks? check. River tubing and kayaking? check. Ziplining? check. Horseback riding? check. Natural History and Butterfly Farms? check.

If you are someone active and love the outdoors, Belize is the right place for you. And if you want to make your Belize Vacation even better, choosing Belize Resorts like The Lodge at Chaa Creek that has over 10 onsite activities to choose from is a no-brainer. Especially considering how restrictive travel can be due to the ongoing pandemic. PRO TIP: Book a Belize Gold Standard Hotel for your Belize Vacation.

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