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  1. The Best of our Belize Travel Blog for 2016!
    1. 1 Belize Cultures
    2. 2 Belize Islands
    3. 3 Where is Belize
    4. 4 Belize Finados
    5. 5 Belize City
    6. 6 Belize Cruise
    7. 7 Belize Safari Animals
    8. 8 Moving to Belize
    9. 9 Cool Belize Mentions on TV

The Best of our Belize Travel Blog for 2016!

We’ve been busy blogging bees in 2016, always looking for the next interesting article to bring to you, the next useful travel tip, the next undiscovered destination. But what’s a blog without an awesome audience? …And that is exactly what each and every one of you is, an awesome reader! As awesome readers you always let us know what you do, and don’t like – so we’re taking the time to round up our 8 best Blogs of the year.

Not by personal opinion but by popular vote from you!

(as always in no particular order)

1 Belize Cultures


Belize cultures blog is one of our more wordy entries, sometimes a couple sentences isn’t enough to explain something.  Maya, Creole, Garifuna and many other peoples inhabit Belize and we couldn’t just let you all keep thinking there’s so few of us here. In this post, we explained out opposition to the over-used phrase “Belize is a melting pot of cultures”. We aren’t but before we get into another mini-rant read our elaboration.

2 Belize Islands


Okay – just saying “Belize islands” is vague and we could be talking about one of a few we posted over the course of the year – but we mean one from early 2016. “Best Belize Islands in 2016” blog was and keeps being really popular in search. Check it out here if you haven’t 🙂

3 Where is Belize


This one being popular scared us as much as it elated us. Were/are there really that very many people who don’t know where we are? Ok now that we’re over that – I guess it’s okay that many people don’t yet, we are after all “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret” but if this is the first you’re hearing of this, take a minute to check it out.

4 Belize Finados


Halloween, Finados, Dia De Los Muertos – these are all traditions our cultures have borrowed from and adapted into our end of October veneration. To keep things on the more spine-tingling side, we rounded up some of the weirdest and most obscure myths and legends from local folklore. Heard about El Cadejo yet? No? Allow us to tell you a story.

5 Belize City


Not to say we’re surprised, but we weren’t aware that so many people were interested in the who to see and what to dos of Belize City. Luckily we went ahead and told you all anyway. If you’re curious as to what to do, where to eat, or things to see in Belize City then give this a look.

6 Belize Cruise


Nope – it’s not a blog about actual cruise vacations. It’s a blog post about all the things you’d miss while your few hours here when you’re on a cruise. We might need to update this as the inauguration of Harvest Caye will leave many completely unfamiliar with the real Belize. If you were on a cruise or will be and want to make the most out of Belize read here.

7 Belize Safari Animals


An absolutely awesome guest of The Lodge at Chaa Creek wrote us a guest post on animals in Belize. Particularly; 6 animals you’ll see in Belize that you’d see on an African Safari. We think it’s pretty cool that you don’t need to travel half way across the world to see something truly exotic. Read which animals we’re talking about here.

8 Moving to Belize


The idea to write this one was sparked after noticing an increase in interest from people to actually move here. Of course, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to lend a helping hand. If you too are interested in moving to Belize read the ins and outs here.

9 Cool Belize Mentions on TV


We came up with 9 times we had seen Belize on the air right off the top of our heads. Of course, all our beautiful fans came up with even more than that so we’re sure this blog will have a part two. In the downtime between now and the sequel check out our picks for 9 cool Belize TV appearances!

Bonus: April fools Blog

Let us take a moment to acknowledge that April fools day is one of those holidays you love to hate. Simply because you expect pranks but when people are as crafty as they are you never know what is real or not. Cue in our 2015 April fools blog who peeked out of hiding once again in 2016. Titled “Bill to Make Belize the 51st US State Goes before the US Senate” this one had to have been a joke, and what a good laugh it was 🙂

From all of us here at Belize Travel Blog – Have a Happy and Prosperous new year! 🙂 Signing off for 2016, we’ll definitely be back soon, actually real soon!

These were the Publics favorites, did you have any favorites in particular that didn’t make it on this list?

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