6 Reasons Why My Family Is Going To Belize This Summer

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  1. We’re going back to Belize this year!
    1. And here are 6 reasons why we are going to Belize this summer
    2. Health and Safety
    3. Ease of Travel
    4. Belize is Family Friendly
    5. Couples Friendly
    6. Being surrounded by nature
    7. The amenities
    8. Adventure

As winter begins easing its icy grip, and travel starts to open up again, a family’s thoughts turn to… summer vacations!

After the constraints of last year, we’re looking forward to treating the family to a real summer vacation – you know, the one that eluded so many of us last year.

6 reasons to travel to Belize this summer woman drinking cocktail in pool

And now, after doing all the right things, taking all the precautions and following the rules, we think it’s time to cut loose a bit and reward ourselves by having a great time together.

So, we sat down, explored the options, established a budget, and made a family decision.

We’re going back to Belize this year!

More specifically, we’re going back to The Lodge at Chaa Creek.

And here are 6 reasons why we are going to Belize this summer

Health and Safety

chaa creek bartender with cocktails and face mask on

Yes, we’re all tired of talking about it, but there’s no avoiding the Elephant in the Room. Fortunately, Belize and Chaa Creek have done the hard work to take the worry out of traveling and staying there. You can read all about it here https://www.chaacreek.com/covid19-updates.

Ease of Travel

Stop in at the Belize Zoo

It’s been quite a year, and we want a quick and easy route to paradise. Belize is not far away, is serviced by major airlines, and, like the last time we visited, a Chaa Creek driver will be waiting for us when we land. A modern, freshly sanitized vehicle   makes the scenic trip along the western highway a comfortable, enjoyable ride, and there’s even a complimentary stop at that fascinating little Belize Zoo.

Belize is Family Friendly

belize with kids hiking at chaa creek resort
Photo courtesy Ms Tanya Tillett

“Something for everyone” may be a cliché, but in Belize and at Chaa Creek it’s true. Our eight-year-old son can’t wait to get back to jungle adventures, canoeing the Macal River, exploring Maya ruins, and picking the brains of the friendly naturist guides. Our newly teenaged daughter learned to ride horses there and can’t wait to get back in a saddle. Sending selfies with the infinity pool and beautiful surroundings as backdrops will no doubt continue.

Couples Friendly

Romantic Dinner

With such excellent onsite amenities, my wife and I are looking forward to spending quality time together. Al fresco or in-room couple massages, meeting interesting people in the Jungle Lounge, dinner under the stars…isn’t it great that Chaa Creek offers child-minding, and so many things for the kids to do in a secure natural environment? 

Being surrounded by nature

After so much time indoors, communicating and being entertained electronically, we think it’s important that we and our kids get back to nature. Set in the midst of a 400-acre rainforest reserve filled with hundreds of bird species, wildlife and fresh air, Chaa Creek brings us right back into the natural world.

The amenities


For an authentic jungle lodge, Chaa Creek doesn’t scrimp on comfort. The Mariposa Restaurant, and the award-winning Guava Limb Café in San Ignacio feature true farm-to-table organic dining and fresh Caribbean seafood – as well as the burgers and pizza the kids crave. The internationally recognized Hilltop Spa offers a range of professional care at the spa or in your room, and the onsite Belize Natural History Museum and Butterfly Farm have introduced thousands of visitors like us to the rich multicultural and natural worlds of Belize.


chaa creek belize resort rtv safari jungle tour view from lookout

What would a jungle lodge be without adventure? Canoeing the Macal River, horseback riding or strolling through miles of signposted jungle trails, exploring ancient Maya temples, enjoying a jungle safari on an ATV, or a river excursion aboard a traditional Johnboat – these experiences and more are all available right at Chaa Creek.

This time we may use the Lodge’s Gold Standard-certified Chaa Creek Inland Expeditions to visit the Caribbean coast, cayes and barrier reef. Then again, we may just enjoy being here. It’s not like anyone’s going to get bored…

chaa creek toyota prado suv parked at the belize international airport parking lot

It’s amazing how much better we all felt after visiting www.chaacreek.com and planning a Belize family vacation at Chaa Creek.  Our spirits lifted, the weather felt warmer, and the last vestiges of winter seemed to dissolve as we talked about all the things we were going to do.

But, as they say, don’t take our word for it – try it yourselves. Visit Chaa Creek’s website, and then speak with your travel agent. Or do what we did, and contact Chaa Creek directly to chat with one of their vacation planner specialists for a free consultation to arrange  a Belize summer vacation tailored to your family’s own style and interests.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how easy and affordable a tailormade Belize vacation can be.

See you in paradise!

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