Reawaken Your 6 Senses Through Travel

Table of Contents

  1. Sense of Sight
  2. Sense of Hearing
  3. Sense of Touch
  4. Sense of Taste
  5. Sense of Smell
  6. The Sixth Sense

Reawaken your six senses with dazzling moments that are steeped in local life and culture. Whatever the reason for your travel, the key to getting the most from it is to immerse yourself in the experience with all six of your senses.

In this new age of detachment and disengagement, why not use your 5 Powers (sight, taste, hearing, smell and touch) to reconnect with the intriguing world around you and perhaps as importantly, with your inner-self.

We care deeply about our small community of English-speaking people in Belize – their colorful cultures, and the diverse ecosystems they inhabit. Something quite magical happens when you have developing cultures evolving along with an emerging nation and homogeny creates the throb of the national heartbeat.

In a world of perplexity, connection doesn’t come easy, and this is maybe where your six sense comes in handy; how do you want to reconnect. With whom, when, where and why.

When in doubt call on Aristotle, mentor of the 5 senses.

Ok, let’s get started,

Sense of Sight


Is what lets us appreciate the magnificence of the world around us through the transfer of light and color. The natural beauty of Belize attracts many nature lovers. Here you will find turquoise waters, green mountains, multicolored tropical flower gardens, a teeming barrier reef, towering Mayan temples and more. In Belize you can simply go from one side of the country to another and experience traveling to a different dimension. Belize is a visual delight.

Sense of Hearing

One of the joys of traveling is the different sounds we hear whether it be traffic, language, music, howler monkeys, or even the crash of waves on the sandy shore. It is much more than just hearing – it is interspersed with everything in daily life. Native sounds in a foreign destination are often drowned out by our electronics. So, put down your phone, take out your earplugs, and walk outside to hear the lilt of voices speaking a foreign language, the singing of tropical birds or the soothing flow of a meandering river.

Sense of Touch

belize hiking naturalist guide with guest at chaa creek resort
Naturalist Guide narrating jungle facts to guest at Chaa Creek

Belize resonates with its visitors as an authentic and warm country, and you wouldn’t expect to leave so touched by certain meetings that you will carry in your heart forever. There are a thousand and one ways to be touched, but here, apart from the smiles, laughter and friendly looks, you will be pleasantly surprised by such tactile welcome. Not to mention the different textures – from touching a horse to feeling a leaf or the fabric the Maya use to make their colorful outfits.

Sense of Taste

Mayan food subanik
Belize’s main staple – Rice and Beans with Stewed Chicken

What better way to stimulate the sense of taste than traveling? Whether you view travel as a way to learn how to make local foods or to explore the best foods of a country, there’s no better way to get to know a culture than through its food – and taste. Belize offers a unique opportunity for food-lovers to explore the tantalizing recipes of our potpourri of cultural  delicacies, for example this Open Hearth Cultural Cooking Class.

Sense of Smell


Whether it’s the unique spices and seasonings locals use in their food, the smell of rain falling in the rainforest, or the salty aroma of the Caribbean sea, every destination will have a unique combination of scents that blend together to create a one-of-a-kind fragrance to remember long after you return home.

Tip: Don’t forget to enjoy the aroma of fresh chocolate made from organic cacao.

The Sixth Sense

belize healthy vacations yoga at chaa creek

Is all about the spiritual realm of being. Maybe forecasting something without logical reasoning or sensing the inner nature of things intuitively. This is the “felt but not seen” special moments of living and coexisting – with others, with nature, with self and your higher purpose. Have you ever felt the regenerative and soothing, almost healing feeling you get when you are immersed in nature? Many guests of The Lodge at Chaa Creek leave saying the same (well rested, renewed, inspired).

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