What Can You Learn from Traveling This New Year

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  1. Eco Luxury Like Never Before
  2. Authenticity Guaranteed 
  3. The Perfect “Hush Trip” Destination
  4. We Can Never Run Out Of Travel Trends To Explore!

The new year is finally here, and with it comes adventurous globetrotters scrambling to fill journals with goals for 2023. Right before our very eyes lies the golden opportunity to plan ahead and make the upcoming 365 days utterly fulfilling.

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What does that mean for both seasoned and inexperienced travelers? Plans to travel and create extraordinary experiences all live on the forefront of our minds. In fact, Forbes cites the Virtuoso study that “found travelers are, on average, booking trips farther ahead for 2023 than they did back in 2019.” Well join the club! Start setting your travel goals and search for the destination that will make this year stand out among all the ones before it.

What’s your ultimate travel goal? Leisure? Adventure? Or is it the thrill of something new, a place that amplifies your passion for exploring the world? You’ll find your answer right here, in the shape of a pocket-sized country named Belize. A trip to the shores and jungles of this tiny and eclectic nation will surprise you with what all it can offer. 

Eco Luxury Like Never Before

After the tumultuous nature of the past three years, we think it’s safe to say you deserve a luxury vacation. Pamper yourself and discover what real relaxation means in the dense forests of Belize’s Cayo district. With the ultimate blend of nature and opulence, Chaa Creek will quickly become one of your favorite destination spots. 

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A stay at Chaa Creek fulfills more than one goal on your New Year’s resolutions. Attaining a deep connection with nature? Check. Receiving an avant-garde experience? Check. Indulging in self-care and me-time? Of course! This nirvana tucked between heaven-touching mountains and life-sustaining forests is the essence of eco-luxury.

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While more people seek to travel and stay in environmentally conscious places, Chaa Creek takes it all in stride. Using sustainable practices such as solar panels, recyclable materials and even cultivating from their very own organic garden makes it a top choice for eco-luxe travelers. It builds the perfect relationship with Mother Nature; we bask in her presence and do our best to give back what we take.

Authenticity Guaranteed

What else does a trip to Belize entail other than its captivating ambience and magnificent amenities? Its people, of course! When you look for places to visit, it’s important to read a little about its culture.

Forbes notes that “90% of respondents want to experience a destination ‘like a local’ and two-thirds of millennial respondents specifically worry about whether it’s an authentic experience.” 

With Belize, you won’t need to do a lot of research to learn about its diverse society and their easy going nature. It wouldn’t be a surprise to meet most–if not all– of the various ethnicities it provides a home for. 

A touch-down in Belize City has you greeted like an old friend, and an arrival at Chaa Creek has you welcomed like a regular. Truly providing an authentic experience, Chaa Creek does it all. A walk through the vast property with your friendly guide Mesheck will leave you smiling until your cheeks hurt and returning with more than a handful of fun facts!

For lunch, book a cooking class with the Open Hearth Culinary experience and learn from Ms. Luby herself how she cooks traditional Belizean meals.

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Everyday is dedicated to a different culture and menu, so book whichever appeals to your taste buds! For the rest of the afternoon, plan a trip to the nearby town of San Ignacio and meet locals eager to talk about their country. After all, we were named by Condé Nast as one of the friendliest countries in the world.

The Perfect “Hush Trip” Destination

As we continue shaping our relationship with travel this year, we must learn to take advantage of all the new trends! Specifically, the new “hush trip” phenomenon. Hush trips refer to digital nomads going on vacation for a week or two without needing to tell their employer and still logging in to work when necessary. Is it that easy? 

Once your destination has great wi-fi and workspace, it is! As luck would have it, Chaa Creek has many spaces and excellent Wi-Fi services that make it effortless to log in to that Slack channel comfortably. As remote work continues booming across the world, it doesn’t mean you should stay stuck in your four-wall home office!

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A change in scenery does wonders for your mental wellbeing. It would be no shock if you even work better than before your little hush trip. No one has to know right? Imagine it: just you, your laptop or mobile phone, relaxing by the Infinity Pool cocktail in hand.. Sounds like heaven just thinking about it.

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Make the most out of the new year and discover how traveling to Belize in 2023 may become the best resolution to ever fulfill. If you need help choosing dates and packages, your friends at Chaa Creek can point you in the right direction. Contact us at reservation[at]chaacreek.com for any inquiries.

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