Belize Sailing Vacations & Jungle Exploration: Redefining The Best Of Both Worlds

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  1. Magnificent Villas in a majestic rainforest
  2. Belize Sailing Vacations includes Magical Islands and their fierce protectors

Looking for Belize Sailing Vacations paired with jungle exploration and adventure? Read on. Rarely does one come across a place whose praises have been sung by all types of wanderlusters traversing the globe. We don’t like to boast, but Belize truly does have it all. With one foot in the Caribbean and another in Central America, it’s no wonder guests are pleasantly surprised when arriving. Your itinerary may begin one way – ticking the Great Blue Hole off your list, perhaps, or summiting the ancient Maya temples scattered across the nation.

El Castillo Xunantunich Mayan Ruins Belize In 2022
The ancient metropolis of Xunantunich towering above the Belizean jungle

Your journey will no doubt evolve into a smattering of experiences of kaleidoscopic proportions. With Belize’s minuscule size you can have a transformative experience comprised of bite sized memoirs exploring Belize’s pristine coastline and multifarious rainforest.

Belize’s barrier reef runs some 180 miles along Belize’s sea and coasts

To make the dream of a perfect vacation more realistic, we have concocted a list of experiences you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. (After all, how many reef-rainforest-clad destinations can you count off the top of your head?) The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s Magnificent Villas and Magical Islands with Belize Sailing Vacations Package offers a combination of jungle and Caribbean sailing adventures. We have teamed up with the family-owned Belize Sailing Vacations for a blend of the two very best lures the country is known for, its barrier reef and Maya Temple studded rainforests.

Will you take the bait? 

Magnificent Villas in a majestic rainforest

The luxurious Ix Chel Rainforest Villas at Chaa Creek

More than half of Belize’s land is blanketed in lush greenery, most of which is protected under nature reserves. This tiny country is home to a whopping 103 protected areas. In 2019, the Government of Belize declared new plans to protect the Maya Forest Corridor, prompting applause from conservation organizations around the globe. Serving as a gateway to ensure the survival of wildlife species, the corridor is home to the iconic jaguar. This is yet another stepping stone in the fierce battle to protect Belize and all its residents, whether furred, feathered, or four-legged.

aerial photo of the chaa creek private nature reserve property including the river
An aerial view of The Lodge at Chaa Creek in western Belize

In the Macal River Valley of the Cayo District, Chaa Creek’s preservation area stretches to 400 acres of private reserve. But just because you’re staying in an area virtually unspoiled by the outside world doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable. The combo package offers you a choice of three, four, or five nights stay in our luxurious Ix Chel Villas. Imagine pulling back the fluffy covers in your king-sized bed and padding over to the towering floor-to-ceiling glass windows to peep out at the Macal River. As if the drive to the lodge wasn’t a testament to the nature engulfing the property, your villa snuggles within a tropical habitat that only natures hand could create with such kaleidoscopic abandon. Here, alfresco showers take on a whole new meaning.

The lookout inside Chaa Creek’s 400-acre private nature reserve

After your every need has been taken care of by your personal butler, it’s time to explore the mysticisms of the rainforest. Take your pick from roving the miles of hiking trails or exploring the fascinating butterfly farm housing polychromatic species. With Chaa Creek’s promise to live regeneratively, you’ll indulge in farm-to-table cuisine from our Maya Organic Farm at the Mariposa Restaurant. Before the first half of your unforgettable trip is over, bookend your stay with a massage at our Hilltop spa or by soaking away your worries in the private jacuzzi on your open-air veranda.

fresh organic salad at chaa creek farm to table cuisine

Belize Sailing Vacations includes Magical Islands and their fierce protectors

belize sailing vacations with paddleboarding and private islands
Paddleboard whilst enjoying a pristine Belize Sailing Vacation

Regardless of how many nights you spend at the jungle lodge, you now have four nights aboard a 50-foot catamaran. Your transition from jungle to sea will be effortless, with Belize Sailing Vacations taking care of your every whim. Step aboard at the Cucumber Beach Marina in Belize City to be whisked away to cerulean waters. When you first awoke to the croaking of toucan chirps this morning, you now open your eyes to a spectacular sunrise over lulling waves.

Enjoy a hammock on a private island with Belize Sailing Vacations

Belize boasts over 400 islands, and you’ll be anchored at one of them with your own personal captain and crew. Sleep soundly in your queen-sized cabin knowing an entire world of life gyrates beneath the bows. Sailing within the confines of the world’s second-largest barrier reef makes for the world’s best sailing grounds. Dive in and experience world-class snorkeling, or stay aboard to enjoy the fresher-than-fresh catch of the day.

snorkeling on a belize sailing vacation

It’s easy to become enamored with sailing when you see tropical islands and glistening crystals beneath your bobbing hotel. Belize became a world leader in marine conservation when she ended oil exploration in her waters back in 2017 and goes to lengths to protect the treasured prism of marine life. Conservation efforts don’t stop there, as the determined country added designated fishing areas to rebuild populations with “no-take zones.” This ground-breaking approach is further backed by UNESCO in regards to the Belize Barrier Reef ‘s removal from the World Heritage Danger List. Spanning 180 miles, the reef houses a stunning array of rainbow-colored parrotfish, reef sharks, rays, corals, and a virtual forest of waving flora, thanks to the local organization Fragments of Hope who have been faithfully restoring corals across Belize’s waters for years. Seeing efforts in action aboard your private yacht, cements the truth about Belize: we’ll do anything to protect the azure wrapping embracing the land base we call home.

Belize Barrier Reef seen on Belize Sailing Vacations

It’s one thing to witness the melting sunset on the banks of the Macal River, but another to see the orange hues dip below miles of stark-blue sea. It goes without saying that with this luxury package, you can experience both. The salty air billowing the sails tastes much sweeter knowing you’ve also experienced the crisp mist of the Belize rainforest. The icing on the cake to this paradisiacal week is knowing 10% of all room revenue at Chaa Creek will do directly back to environmental and community projects.

To start planning your Belize Sailing Vacations and Jungle Exploration, reach out to our Belize experts at [email protected]

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