Hop Into Natures Colorful Basket: Happy Easter 2022!

Easter’s here, hop into a new world

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The naming of Easter had its genesis in the name of a pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon Goddess in England and Germany, Eostre, who was celebrated at the beginning of spring. And, whether you celebrate Easter with religious anticipation or just take advantage of the days off to relax – you are bound to encounter the curious thought of a rabbit laying eggs.

Rabbits lay eggs, right? Like birds? After questioning the basics of biology no, Rabbits don’t lay eggs.

But according to German folklore, there was a mythical egg-laying hare called “Oschter Haws.” And in anticipation of his arrival German children made nests in which this creature could lay its colored eggs.

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Eventually, this belief and tradition integrated itself into American culture after the immigration of Germans to the United States in the 1700s. The belief took the shape of decorated baskets instead of nests of old filled with chocolate eggs, sweets, and gifts.

Easter eggs are also said to represent Jesus’ emergence from the tomb and his resurrection.

As we take time to make sense of our current state of transitioning from confined homes, closed borders, mandatory mask-wearing, and curfews – to traveling without restrictions, walking down the street, and smiling with each other. Mythical Bunnies and colored eggs are the icing on the cake.

Lives around the world are slowly emerging from a long slumber and waiting. Like the joys of dipping into a colorful basket filled with sweet treats, our days of hibernation are over.

Travel has returned just like the promise of Easter filled with emerging possibilities and hope.

The desire to return to normalcy has tip-toed along with the ever-ticking tock of nature’s own clock, and the welcome joys of Spring. We embrace the fresh breeze combing the canopy of the jungle, the warm sunlight creating shades of a thousand veins on the green grass, and the contrasting bright colors of the hundreds of flowers blossoming.

Easter eggs fittingly symbolize the beginning of life and in 2022 this has never been more significant. Let’s welcome the possibilities of adventure, wanderlust, and new experiences.

Make sure your basket is ready to travel and be filled with the wonderment of colorful memories and joyful encounters.

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