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  2. Easy to get to, hard to leave
  3. Best of both worlds

With a kaleidoscope of exotic marine life, invigorating flora and fauna, and the friendliest people, it’s no surprise Belize is on many folks’ bucket list. After the pause in travel last year, an insatiable thirst for the adventures this small Caribbean nation has in-store for the discerning traveler is back in full force. Avid travelers are preparing to dive into the polychrome scenery of the Barrier Reef, the verdant green pulse of the undulating Maya Mountains and mouth-watering cuisine of this multi-cultural land. And we don’t blame them one bit. In 2021, many escaped to Belize the first chance they got to reactivate their passion for travel and their love for wide, open spaces. As the beginning of a new year draws near, even more wander lusters are honing their passport laden tools to make the not-so-far journey and see what all the hype is about.

Belize Barrier Reef
An aerial view of Belize’s barrier reef and great blue hole

If you’re one of these travelers whose New Year’s Resolution in the making includes wanting to enrich your lifestyle, look no further than this tropical destination to fulfill a safe yet adventurous vacation. There are numerous reasons Belize continues to be the leading hub in regenerative travel, easily making it a destination worth visiting come 2022.

Best Place to Travel

 Don’t take it from us alone after one of the world’s leading travel resources named Belize a Top Country to Visit in 2022. Lonely Planet recently unveiled their “Best in Travel 2022” last week, where Belize made the coveted list of Top 10 Countries. The travel publication’s annual list ranks the planet’s must-visit countries, cities and regions for 2022. Lonely Planet takes great care in the selection process, citing that as “we re-engage with the world with a new appreciation for what a privilege and responsibility travel is, we have drawn on the knowledge of our global community of experts to curate a collection of experiences that will inspire you to reconnect with the world.”

belize romantic getaways ziplining tour

When it comes to reconnecting, Belize knocks all other destinations out of the park. There are plenty of chances to re-engage not only with the natural world, but with ourselves, through the multi-focal lens of Belize’s many offerings. You can opt to forest bathe in the jungles of Belize, or dive deep in the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea and let go of all your cares and woes.

Easy to get to, hard to leave

It’s getting easier than ever to travel to pint-sized Belize, where many of the major U.S. airport hubs have ease of access. A slew of airlines have recently announced either new or resuming flight routes to the country. The latest to join the party is SouthWest Airlines, whose first flight back was this past Sunday, November 7th. Frontier Airlines and Alaska airlines are the next to follow suit, where the former arrives in December and the latter this month. When you look at other far-flung destinations such as the Maldives, sure, the crystalline waters beckon. But the 20+ hour flights might discourage several travelers. Whereas for a country tucked right beneath Mexico, Miami, Georgia and Texas are less than two hours away with the longest flight times cross-country about four hours max, making a trip to Belize jet-lag free.

Passengers getting off a southwest airplane at belize's phillip goldson airport
First Southwest flight from Houston November 7 2021

The easy accessibility also goes further than the tarmac. With Belize being the size of Massachusetts, every region is at your fingertip. The best way to get a taste of the smattering of experiences across the country is by staying at a central hub. The town of San Ignacio in the Cayo District is an ideal destination, since both adventure and relaxation are easy to come by. Take The Lodge at Chaa Creek, for instance, whose perfectly placed locale allows you to have both a thrill-seeking itinerary and relaxation-first activities. You could go on an invigorating early bird-watching walk in the morning and receive a world-class massage at our hilltop spa in the evening. This convenient way of vacationing can be reflected across the country, as most destinations are a mere 15-minute domestic flight away.

Immerse in relaxation + nature at our award-winning Hilltop Spa

Best of both worlds

Being a part of both Central America and the Caribbean makes Belize an outstanding anomaly in its own right. As more travelers seek to broaden their worldviews, their tastes for off-the-beaten path experiences are high on their priority list. Fortunately, Belize over-delivers in that aspect with unique cultural encounters and environmentally-focused initiatives. While known for its hundreds of islands peppered amongst the world-renowned reef, the country is also home to lush jungles begging to be explored. Dedicate half of your itinerary to world-class snorkeling and barefoot-exploration on the islands. Bookend your vacation horseback riding through Chaa Creek’s vast 400-acre reserve before indulging in an authentic Open Hearth Culinary Experience at the Lodge. What better reward to spending a few hours in nature than an authentic, hearty meal made by your own hands?

belize cultural cooking classes at chaa creek open hearth kitchen
Guests enjoying Chaa Creek’s Open Hearth Cultural Culinary Course

If you’d like to actually walk through the steps of history, the Xunantunich Maya site is a mere 15  minutes away. Climb to the summit and gaze upon the village of San Jose Succotz, marveling at the sheer brilliance that is the Maya civilization. When it comes to journeys such as these, it is an outright privilege to be able to revel in the diversification of experiences found here at home.

Xunantunich Mayan Ruins Panorama photo
El Castillo at Xunantunich


At the end of it all, a refined vacation in the tropics must go further than beaches and adventure. It must reflect the necessity of traveling responsibly, especially in a pandemic era. Make no mistake, Belize has taken this to heart and done everything in its power to ensure a safe, memorable vacation. From enlisting Gold Standard hotels and tour operators, to becoming a World Travel & Tourism Council Safety country. With its efforts actively preserving the world around us, Belize and its leading eco-resorts leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to a fulfilling and regenerative getaway.

Chaa Creek’s Tree Top Villa

To experience such a getaway yourself, get in touch with our friends at Chaa Creek and let them help you with a specialized Belize vacation.

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