Can Staying In A Belize Jungle Resort Make You Happier? Probably. Here’s Why

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  1. Encased in Nature at a Belize Jungle Resort
  2. More ‘me’ time
  3. Embracing new experiences at a Belize Jungle Resort
  4. A happier, healthier you
  5. A Sense of Purpose

What is it really like to be happy? For some, it’s the taste of their favorite dessert in that very first bite. For others, it’s seeing their pet’s ear bouncing as they chase after a ball. For most of us, the mere term leaves us pondering questions best left to philosophers. Either way, well-meaning experts hope to help us live a happier life through various tips and advice.

A common one is taking a well-earned far-flung trip, especially one focused on nature and wellness. This means an adventure-laced Belize jungle vacation could very well be the key to happiness. Luckily at Chaa Creek, you needn’t search far for it.

Encased in Nature at a Belize Jungle Resort

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Out of countless reports related to well-being, many studies show nature does wonders for our mental health. In fact, the American Psychology Association published a report in 2020 about the benefits of spending time in nature. “Exposure to nature has been linked to a history of benefits,” the report states, listing improvements in cognitive function, empathy, and better overall physical health. After a few years of simply staring at our screens, the outdoors are a game-changer linked to happiness.

At Chaa Creek, the chances for a happier you are increased by tenfold. Here, being surrounded by greenery is inevitable. With the lodge sitting on a vast reserve, nature is part of the package and the perks are obvious from the moment you step out of your car at the entrance. The air is crisper, the sky clearer, and the rustling broadleaves more than a welcome embrace.

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There are more ways than one to enjoy it, too. A horseback riding experience through the lodge’s 400-acre jungle can introduce you to the ancient Japanese art of forest bathing. Or you can learn all about the traditional healing arts of the Maya by walking through one of our many medicinal trails.

By the time you rest your head in our treehouse villa, your heart will feel at least a bit lighter.

More ‘me’ time

There’s a difference between isolation and seclusion — and Chaa Creek has perfected the latter. As a jungle lodge just outside the charming town of San Ignacio, we know a thing or two about wanting a break. Whether you need a pause from your nine-to-five job or just a break from the general state of the world, jungle resorts can do wonders. Out in Belize’s rainforests, traffic can’t be heard for miles, and badgering Zoom calls are a world away. Capitalize on your rare alone time by treating yourself to a body massage at our hilltop spa. Or laze beside the eco-friendly pool while sipping on mojitos boasting ingredients from our organic farm.

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When you’re ready to socialize again, join the birdwatching group at dawn as you point out a hummingbird or two to one another.

Embracing new experiences at a Belize Jungle Resort

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Breaking the monotony of daily life can lead to enriching new experiences. It’s not every day you can waltz into a Butterfly Farm and feel the brush of a blue morpho’s wings on your shoulder. And how often do you get to cook authentic cultural cuisine from scratch? When’s the last time — if ever — you went waterfall chasing? All of these and more can change the trajectory of an unfulfilled life — and they’re all within easy grasp at Chaa creek. Happiness doesn’t have to be elusive when you learn something new every day, putting a spin on a “boring” life.

A happier, healthier you


It goes without saying that a happier you is a healthier you, as well. This can go beyond the wellness activities we’ve all come to know and love (ahem, spa experiences.) But can transcend into the food we consume, too. We all know the importance of a good diet. As the saying goes, we are what we eat.
When staying at an eco-lodge like Chaa Creek, it’s important our values are reflected in our cuisine.

The on-site Maya Organic Farm is a testament to the lengths we go to provide guests with farm-fresh ingredients. Our dedicated gardeners use tried and true Maya methods with advanced methods to produce nutrient-filled fruits and vegetables. You won’t find any chemicals here, which can deteriorate one’s health from the inside out. By eating ‘real’ food, your body receives the proper nourishment it needs. Your stomach won’t be the only thing that’s happy – studies show when eating fresh food, your mood is better and your body is re-energized. To see the magic happen in real-time, stop by the Maya organic farm with one of our guides.

A Sense of Purpose


When it really comes down to it, sometimes happiness has a lot to do with how you interact with others. Knowing your existence can have a (positive) impact on someone else is nothing short of euphoric. You have a chance to see that impact when participating in Chaa Creek’s Pack-A-Pound program. You can directly benefit the children and local communities of Belize by gifting them supplies you brought from home. The sense of purpose is overwhelming knowing you’ve made a difference in their lives.


Even if Pack-A-Pound is something you haven’t tried before, the Chaa Creek Cares program automatically receives ten percent of all room revenue to continue its community-based projects. So each guest automatically is already giving back simply by staying with us.

All of these and more are valid reasons to find happiness within the jungles of Belize. You never know which experience waiting on the other side of your villa door will change your outlook on life. To help you find them, give us a call toll-free at +1-877-709-8709

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