Summer of Love: All the Things to Love in Belize

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  1. Here Are All The Things To Love In Belize This Summer
  2. A Silken Embrace For Nature-Lovers
  3. A Thriving Cornucopia For Food-Lovers
  4. A Thrill-Lover’s Paradise
  5. A Playground For History-Lovers
  6. A Boundless Park For Wildlife-Lovers

Here Are All The Things To Love In Belize This Summer


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Ah, there’s no other love story like a summer  romance in Belize. What with Caribbean rays caressing sun-kissed skin, passion-flamed stars twinkling in the night sky, and a cacophony of winged love- songs announcing a new morn; it’s a paramour’s breeding ground for romance to bloom. And, it’s no surprise that Hallmark filmed their newest rom-com, Caribbean Summer, in Belize. (Tip: it premieres on the Hallmark Channel on June 11.)

But there’s more to a summer romance than deepening the bond with your soulmate. It’s about falling in love with a new place, together. And God knows there’s a lot to love about Belize. She may be small, but the tropical destination packs a punch when it comes to enamoring travelers of all tastes. Whether you’re smitten with jungle-clad regions, infatuated with culturally-rich food or can’t get enough of adrenaline-pumping activities, there’s something in Belize for everyone to love.

A Silken Embrace For Nature-Lovers


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Blanketed by dew-speckled rainforests, Belize’s Western region beckons the nature-lover. Out here, your better half won’t be the only one easy on the eyes. Gushing waterfalls, low-lying valleys, and jutting mountains will vie for the title of most enchanting. When staying at Chaa Creek, plan a day around fulfilling that desire to see the best of Belize’s natural beauty. Choose to explore the nearby vast Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve only an hour’s drive away.

belize treetop villa exterior at chaa creek eco lodge
The Treetop Villa at Chaa Creek

Or, if you prefer to stay within baby steps of your bed, simply book the Treetop Villa. You’ll be surrounded by the outdoors no matter which way you turn. Looking for a middle ground? Strap on your hiking shoes and stroll along Chaa Creek’s myriad of nature trails found on the property.

A Thriving Cornucopia For Food-Lovers

enjoy salbutes belizean food for spring break in belize
Salbutes, a Belizean delicacy prepared and enjoyed at Chaa Creek’s Open Hearth Kitchen

Let your tastebuds fall in love with food again at the taste of a perfectly-puffed fry jack topped with mango jam. Better yet, learn how to make it yourself with Chaa Creek’s Open Hearth hands-on cultural cooking experience. For the dedicated foodie, eating the dish is just half the journey. One must go to its source – where its story first began.

Things to love this summer in belize organic farming at chaa creek

At Chaa Creek, that happens to be the Maya Organic Farm found within the 400-acre property. Pick your own fresh herbs and vegetables that have been nourished by the summer sun. For a more history-based experience, try your hand at chocolate making in nearby San Ignacio Town.

A Thrill-Lover’s Paradise

Maya artefacts inside actun tunichil muknal cave with visitors
Inside the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave, considered one of the top 12 sacred caves in the world by National Geographic

If you err on the side of adventure, you’ll get your fix – and some extra – in Western Belize. A cave tubing and zipline combo always set the hearts racing, but for an avid thrill seeker, this is mere child’s play.

If you want to get that adrenaline pumping, make your way to the world-renowned ATM Cave for some spelunking. The Actun Tunichil Muknal cave holds wonders that have astonished visitors and scholars alike. From ancient Maya artifacts to crystallized skeletons, the cavern’s contents will send chills up your spine.

There’s no shortage of thrilling activities on the other side of the country, either. Hop on a 6-seater Cessna in Belize City and buckle up for the view of a lifetime: the Great Blue Hole from above. You can board a plane at the Belize City Municipal Airport to begin your vista-laden one-hour trip to the reef. On the way, you’ll spot white-capped waves, the stunning Lighthouse Reef Atoll, and Turneffe Atoll. Believe us when we say your heart will do a flip when you lay eyes on the vast blue marvel below.

A Playground For History-Lovers

earth day 2022 education at chaa creek's natural history center

It is said Belize was once the epicenter of the ancient Maya Civilization. The remnants can be seen scattered throughout the country in the form of Maya ruins, Maya descendants, and a thriving Maya culture. History buffs can use Belize as a playground to enact their archaeological fantasies by climbing Maya sites and learning more about each one. Belize, while still young, also has a rich history dating back to the 1700s.

chaa creek and belize gets a whole lotta love xunantunich mayan ruins
El Castillo structure at Xunantunich Mayan Ruins

You can unearth more about Mestizo, Creole, and Garifuna descendants by visiting historical places like the Museum of Belize or a House of Culture. If you’d like a taste without having to leave the Lodge, visit Chaa Creek’s on-site Natural History Museum.

A Boundless Park For Wildlife-Lovers

belize zoo jaguar photo roaming feb 2022
A jaguar spotted at the Belize Zoo, Rehabilitation Center

The biodiversity is immediately apparent as soon as you arrive in Belize – literally. In fact, the first pit stop on your way to the lodge from the airport is the Belize Zoo. But unlike other zoos, this “best little zoo” houses rehabilitated and rescued animals. However, while charming, the Belize Zoo isn’t the only place you can sight colorful-plumed toucans and curious coatis.

Out in the wilderness, you’re bound to come across all sorts of wildlife. A sure-fire way to spy the beady eyes of a nightwalker – a.k.a a kinkajou – is on the Creatures of the Night Hike experience at Chaa Creek. Keep your eyes peeled for red and green shiny eyes, and watch your step – you might step over a jaguar paw print or two!

This list for finding things to love in Belize is long but certainly not exhaustive and summer is the ideal time to experience them all. The season experiences a lack of crowds, summer weather, and exclusive hotel offers. Interested in the latter? Chaa Creek currently has a summer offer from June 1 to July 31 where you book 4 nights and only pay for 3. Learn more here.

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