San Ignacio Belize for Kids – A Destination Guide for Little Residents

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  1. Traveling to San Ignacio Belize with kids? Then This Destination Guide is for you!
  2. Meet & Greet with Resident Wildlife
  3. In search of thrill and adventure
  4. Lessons in Culture & History

Traveling to San Ignacio Belize with kids? Then This Destination Guide is for you!

For those of us avid globetrotters, one upstanding dream is raising our kids to inherit that same passion for travel. Sure, we may first balk at families with fussy children in airplanes and at resorts. But once your own bundles of joy are old enough, there’s nothing you want more than to introduce them to the world you fell in love with.

Canoeing on the Macal River

Finding a destination that can cater to any age may be tricky, but not impossible. Belize’s small size yet diverse attractions make it easy to entertain children at any stage of their young lives. The key is finding an ideal base that serves as a central hub for your itinerary. San Ignacio Town in Cayo is your best bet since the area is rife with opportunities to both educate and entertain your little ones. Staying at a nearby eco-resort like the Lodge at Chaa Creek will make the family vacation even easier. A comfortable stay where your kids can thrive in the wild is worth more than any cookie-cutter all-inclusive you may be used to.

belize with kids hiking at chaa creek resort

Below we’ve outlined the best things to do near San Ignacio with your children, whether they’re teetering tots or coming-of-age teens.

Meet & Greet with Resident Wildlife

family walking the belize zoo

Best for: ages 0–6

For the kids just learning to come in contact with the outside world, easy, vibrant attractions should be your go-to. At this age, you’ll want to keep things simple. Forget about tightly packed itineraries and thrill-seeking adventures — you’ll be lucky if they sleep through the night. But that doesn’t automatically equal a boring vacation — far from it, actually. Belize’s petite size means there are no long-haul road trips to worry about when wanting to get from point A to Point B. One convenient example is the Belize Zoo. On your way to Chaa Creek from the airport, a complimentary stop at the Belize Zoo is automatically included. Babies and toddlers will be easily entranced by the furry jaguars, cute monkeys, and colorful Scarlet Macaws. Grab a tapir plushie at the gift shop for a companion they’re sure to keep in the crib (or bunk) for years to come.

belize zoo tapir mountain cow walking

For an experience slashed with a prism of color, visit the immersive Butterfly Farm at Chaa Creek. Listen to the encapsulating voice of Meshack, our resident guide, as he takes you through the lifespan of each butterfly. Your kids will be star-struck by the polychromatic whirlwind of Blue Morphos swirling through the air. Not to mention the illusory Owl butterflies perching on their shoulders.

Eco Kids Summer Camp 2018 Day 2 Butterfly

If your kiddos want more wildlife, take a walk through the 400-acre reserve and turn it into a numbers game. The one who spots the most animals wins! Keep your eyes trained for any iguanas, coatimundis, and foxes!

In search of thrill and adventure

zipline adventure with kids in belize

Best for: ages 7–11

Once the adventure streak hits your tweens, there’s no going back. The thirst for adventure can barely be curbed but San Ignacio is the perfect playground to use up the energy. Less than an hour away from the Lodge lies the fan-favorite Nohoch Che’en Caves. Plop your kiddos in an inner tube and drift down the river into a dark, mysterious cave. But that’s as scary as it gets. Inside, you’ll find glistening stalactites, mini-waterfalls, and snoozing bats that your kids will certainly love.

exploring nohoch che'en caves in belize with kids

Pair the cave tubing adventure with an exhilarating zip-lining experience. Your kids’ superhero dreams will spring to life as they soar through the verdant jungle canopies. For a more laid-back approach to enjoying nature, the family can try horseback riding through the rainforest at Chaa Creek. Come across an ancient Maya ruin, troops of spider monkeys, and enjoy the occasional trot through the trees filtering sunlight.

Chaa Creek - Horseback-Riding

Lessons in Culture & History


Best for: ages 13+

Now that your kids are a little older, they can appreciate more nuanced and meaningful experiences. They can withstand a little more walking and talking, too. Take your teens to iconic historical attractions like nearby Xunantunich and Cahal Pech Maya Ruins. Here, they’ll witness the wonder of the ancient civilization for themselves while still having the energy to climb them all. This age range is also a great chance to have them partake in cultural conversations. Have them exchange stories with fellow Belizeans via a chocolate-making class. Or let them pick up a cooking skill or two at our Open Hearth Hands-on Cooking Experience. Teens will have the attention span and the intrigue to truly appreciate the multicolored tapestry that is Belize’s people — and history.

gear to pack for a belize vacation with kids
Hiking up a Maya temple with toddler in Belize


We all want our children to grow up to be well-rounded global citizens — to have diverse perspectives and be enthralled by all sorts of lifestyles. Traveling while young molds wanderlusters to become respectful visitors with a penchant for the curious. While these activities suit children of any age, there’s no age limit to enjoying the beauty Belize has to offer.

To help you plan that perfect family vacation, email us at [email protected] Stay with us, comfortably knowing that our Eco Lodge is perfect for kids.

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