5 Ways To Achieve Total Wellness of Body & Mind in Belize

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  1. Give In To The Greener Side
  2. A Grounding Connection
  3. Create Lasting Bonds
  4. Feel Good By Doing Good
  5. Renew The Body & Soothe The Mind

Few things on our green Earth are as important as our mental and physical well-being. The way we treat our body and mind reflects how we function in the world, fulfilling our dreams and passions. Whether through pursuing long-forgotten hobbies, re-igniting heartfelt connections, or enriching life through the surefire way of traveling. For the latter, many have different goals as to what they want to achieve when venturing to a new destination. Some seek the thrill of adventure by wading into a dark cave, while others prefer to relax their woes away on sun-drenched sand.

Recently, more travelers are after the much-needed revitalization of the soul after being awash in tumultuous times last year. Once you give not just your body – but your mind – the nutrition it needs to thrive, you’re golden. Luckily, said nutrition can be easily found around any thinly-veiled corner in tropical Belize. 

Despite its miniature size, Belize is a treasure trove in terms of nourishment for the body and mind. Travelers are lured in by the unique attractions and off-the-radar experiences but leave with the feeling of being born again. Greet 2022 with the best version of yourself by doing these five things to achieve total wellness of body and mind. 

Give In To The Greener Side

Chaa Creek lookout green rainforest
The lookout at The Lodge at Chaa Creek

Unlike in mass tourism destinations, there are no jutting skyscrapers or snaking freeways greeting you from below when flying into Belize. A blanket of greenery welcomes you instead, with meandering rivers winking in and out of sight as you land. Belize’s whole allure was its unspoiled landscapes, a fact that has now proven to be beneficial for us all. A 2019 study published by Scientific Reports found that “spending at least 120 minutes a week in nature is associated with good health and wellbeing.” Of course, for many Belizeans and avid Belize visitors, we didn’t need a study to tell us that. Just by stepping into the rainforests so easily accessible throughout the country, we feel the immediate change. The world slows down, your breath evens out and the sounds of nature melt the tension away. In the Cayo District, the jungles are literally a stone’s throw away any way you turn. You can go for a morning hike at our 400-acre nature reserve and feel the impact yourself. Dew-moistened leaves carpet the forest floor, chirps of brown jays and melodious blackbirds say hello. By the time you emerge, you’ll be exhaling in tandem with the soft swaying of the broadleaf trees. Congratulations, you have just experienced the ancient Japanese art of forest bathing. 

A Grounding Connection

organic soil in hand at chaa creek maya farm
Organic compost at Chaa Creek’s Organic Maya Farm

As important as it is to connect with the nature around us, so it is to bond with the nature below us. The Earth at our feet is often forgotten as the means that provides quite literally the nutrition our body needs. At Chaa Creek, the 33-acre Maya Organic Farm provides freshly harvested produce for our Mariposa Restaurant. It uses traditional Maya farming techniques coupled with advanced systems. You won’t find harmful chemicals or preservatives here, just the passionate dedication of Chaa Creek’s organic farmers. All the nutrients used to grow mint leaves, papaya fruits, and other produce are derived directly from the nearby farm. Composted soil is used to fertilize the vegetation and other multipurpose herbs can be used to dispel insects naturally. It’s no secret that organically-grown food is said to be extremely beneficial for our bodies. Farm-to-table dining has catapulted into popularity over the last few years, but Mayas were the first to share the memo a millennia ago. Their form of sustainable agritourism is tried and true and you can witness it all just a short horseback ride away from the Lodge. Your body will thank you for feeding it organically-grown food, and your mind will be opened to the history of an ancient civilization unlike any other. 

Create Lasting Bonds

San Antonio women's group grinding corn
Learning to grind corn on a traditional Mayan tool

Nowadays, more travelers are seeking a deeper connection in their vacation experience. The cookie-cutter itineraries are no longer enough to hold the interest of those wanting lasting, unique memories. While “top things to do” is recommended to get the lay of the land in a new destination, there’s nothing like unearthing a new expedition. One of the significant ways to do this? Through the people. Bucket lists are one way to know a country; connecting with its people is how you fall in love with it. Belize is home to a multitude of cultures, all offering their warm welcome. From Mestizos, Mennonites, Garifuna, Mayas, and many more, each one is bound to broaden your horizon. You could be on a Night Hike experience and quickly become friends with your Maya naturalist guide. Or learn cooking tips and tricks from a renowned Mestizo chef. By learning firsthand the stories of Belize’s people, your perspectives are challenged, molding you into a citizen of the world. 

Feel Good By Doing Good

chaa creek delivering school supplies to preschool in rural village in belize
Give back whilst traveling with Chaa Creek’s Cares Program

We all like to feel like we are making a difference in the world and when traveling, you can. The Lodge at Chaa Creek helps with that altruistic appetite through our Chaa Creek Cares program. Whether to the environment or the local community, the Lodge encourages all guests to participate in giving back. For instance, 10% of all accommodation revenue goes directly into the projects under Chaa Creek Cares. We are also a proud partner of the Pack-A-Pound program. Guests are encouraged to fill one pound of space in their suitcase with supplies for the local schools and community. By taking part in these initiatives – and many others – travelers will feel a renewed sense of purpose in their vacation. 

Renew The Body & Soothe The Mind

woman getting outdoor massage at chaa creek hilltop spa
Enjoy an al’fresco massage at Chaa Creek’s Hilltop Spa

Spas by definition are meant to revitalize one’s well-being, but few have a panoramic view of mountains and rainforests. Chaa Creek’s Hilltop Spa provides just that, with scenic views of the Macal River and the Maya Mountains. If you’re truly looking for a restored version of yourself, try an Invigorating Rainforest Massage. This personalized therapeutic treatment at Chaa Creek’s spa soothes tired muscles and creates a harmonious mind-body balance of exquisite relaxation. The best part of this wellness spa? It lives in harmony with the natural surroundings, so there’s no cost to the environment. You can indulge in the self-care you so deserve knowing every venture at Chaa Creek aligns with its ethos of being wildly civilized. 

Looking for a renewed sense of self? Contact our Belize specialists at reservations(at)chaacreek(dot)com or TOLL FREE at +1-877-709-8708. 

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