Chaa Creek Welcomes Belize’s New US Ambassador Michelle Kwan

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  1. Appointing Michelle Kwan shows Washington’s high regard as a friend and ally

Appointing Michelle Kwan shows Washington’s high regard as a friend and ally

When we heard that Michelle Kwan was recently confirmed as US Ambassador to Belize, we couldn’t have been more pleased.

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As a respected foreign affairs expert and globally recognized sports superstar, her appointment shows how much Belize has grown in the eyes of the US Government, and the world.

As the US State Department said, “Kwan’s extensive work experience at the U.S. State Department in public diplomacy and youth outreach and her work with non-profit organizations, combined with her strong management and business skills make her a well-qualified candidate to be the U.S. Ambassador to Belize.”

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Appointing Ambassador Kwan to represent the US here in Belize shows that we’re being taken seriously as a friend and ally to the United States.

In addition to her impressive foreign policy credentials, Ambassador Kwan is also the most highly decorated figure skater in US history. A two-time Olympic medallist, five-time world champion, winner of nine US national titles, she only stopped competing after an injury forced her to drop out of the US Olympic Team in 2006.

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But, rather than rest on her laurels, Michelle Kwan immediately embarked upon a US State Department-sponsored worldwide speaking tour aimed at inspiring young people across the planet while earning her master’s degree in Foreign Relations from the prestigious Tufts University.

She then became a senior advisor to the State Department, assisted in two US presidential campaigns, and wrote some very well-received books.

Fortunately, her focus is now on Belize.

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As Ambassador Kwan said. “Belize is full of incredible history and culture, and has been a tremendous partner to the United States. I look forward to working with the Belizean government on economic issues, to put an end to this pandemic, and to address the root causes of migration.”

Music to our ears!

Welcome to Belize, Ambassador Kwan. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and impressions, and hope you’ll enjoy being here as much as we’re excited to have you.

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