The Breaking Bad Belize Belikin Beer Challenge Ends Today!

Yes, all good things must come to an end, and so it is with Breaking Bad and the Chaa Creek  Belize Breaking Bad Belikin Beer Challenge.

As first mooted in a blog post here earlier,  one member of the Chaa Creek Communications Team graciously offered to shout a beer to the first person who arrived at the bar with the exact Belize reference quote from the next episode.

For example, if you were quick enough on the draw on episode 512 to run up to the bar shouting

“Hey! In last night’s episode  Saul Goodman was saying, ‘We’re wondering if maybe this isn’t an Old Yeller  type situation … Yeah, Old Yeller was the best, most loyal dog that ever was. I mean everybody loved that mutt. But one day he showed up rabid, and little Timmy, for Old Yeller’s own sake, had to uhh, well I mean you saw the movie…’ That’s what Saul said, right? And then Walter White replied;

You’re full of colorful metaphors, aren’t you Saul? Belize. Old Yeller. You’re just brimming with advice. Do not float that idea again! Find him!’

You would then be entitled to say, “So Walter White mentioned Belize, right? And I just won a bottle of Belikin Beer! Right?”

In that scenario, our observant Breaking Bad fan would have indeed won the coveted bottle of Belize’s finest.

So, If Belize had been mentioned in tonight’s final episode of Breaking Bad, the first person to front up at the Jungle Lounge bar at Chaa Creek, reciting the exact quote, would have received  a free glass of Beliken Beer.

Alas, it was not to be. A tightly plotted, rather amazing end to an incredible series, but sadly, no mention of Belize.

So here’s the next best thing. The first person who arrives at the Jungle Lounge bar with a list of every mention of Belize in Breaking Bad (There’s only been a few), wins that bottle of Beliken.

That’s right, and absolute free, gratis, on the house, glass of the beer that made Belize a household word among beer connoisseurs.

Just give the quotes and the dates and it’s yours.

Breaking Bad Breaking News!

And in the latest Breaking Bad Belize news, we just received the following from a sharp-eyed observer. See below:


Dean, what can we say? Just like with Aaron Paul, we’re inviting you and a friend to be our guests at Chaa Creek to see for yourself why being sent on a trip to Belize is the next best thing to heaven. Even with Breaking Bad having reached its glorious conclusions, we still love your work in “Under the Dome” and really want to see for ourselves that you’re not the evil SOB you do such a good job playing in that series. We want to see the gracious, warm, fun loving chap we get the feeling you really are. And after Chester’s Mills, you’ll love the freedom of roaming around 365 acres of pristine beauty.

Give it a thought… we’re dying to see you smile…

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