Where Imagination Runs Wildly Civilized: Five Things Kids Can’t Get Enough of at Chaa Creek

Table of Contents

  1. Undiscovered Atlantis (aka an Eco-friendly Infinity Pool)
  2. A Kingdom to Conquer (aka Chaa Creek’s Children’s Corner)
  3. A fantasy-ridden ride through the forest (aka horseback riding!)
  4. A Challenge to Overcome (aka Culinary Cooking Class)
  5. A Kaleidoscopic Wonder (aka The Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm)
  6. Contact Us!

Colorful migrating birds and captivating endangered mammals are waiting for you and your family to discover, as soon as you arrive. Belize’s secrets are waiting to be explored, and who better than you and your youngsters to take on the task? A family getaway is meant for exciting adventures, plenty of laughter, and memorable teaching moments. As luck would have it, all three can be found at the foothills of the Maya mountains, near the banks of the Macal River; a lovely reserve, where we create the perfect blend of excitement and relaxation a family craves on holiday.

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Small feet striking the ground and joyous squeals dancing in the air, are sounds we’re quite used to at The Lodge at Chaa Creek. As a resort, we know our fair share when it comes to hosting families on their vacation. It’s always a delight when bright young faces visit, eager to learn and let loose in an entirely new environment. A stay at Chaa Creek is not only a relaxing one, but an opportunity to teach young ones about the different lifestyles away from home. Trust us when we say, kids love embracing the Belizean way of life. Our easygoing and active lives keep us busy and keep the children enthralled in how to make daily life fun. You need not venture far! For on the grounds, you’ll find the five things that keep on giving to those young’uns

Undiscovered Atlantis (aka an Eco-friendly Infinity Pool)

What is it with pools that keep children entertained for hours a day? Well, it’s the breeding ground for adventure, of course! While us adults see a day at the pool as an opportunity for some valuable sunbathing and naptime, here, kids let their imaginations run wild. Watch your child weave an entire world at Chaa Creek’s Infinity Pool. As the name suggests, the possibilities for fun are endless.

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The bi-level nature of the pool offers a separate space for children and adults. This gives ample room for the former to play to their heart’s desire, and the latter to swim leisurely along the cool waters.

After a refreshing dip, unwind on a poolside lounge chair, while mini-you transforms into a mermaid exploring the great blue. At the end of the day, we’re sure you’ll have to pry your little one away from this magical underwater oasis.

A Kingdom to Conquer (aka Chaa Creek’s Children’s Corner)

On days where you want downtime, and your kid craves creativity, it’s time they stumble upon Chaa Creek’s children’s corner. Found in the resort’s conference center, this area is your child’s safe space. Your little one can sculpt caricatures out of Play-Doh, while your older kids partake in an engaging board game.

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You’ll be surprised at how long they can keep themselves entertained! Kids love doing things on their own, and this little spot offers just the right amount of freedom. Of course, staff members are always around to keep an eye on them. If you ever feel the heat and humidity outside to become a little much, you can join your children in the air conditioned conference center, and have a family boardgame day! 

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A fantasy-ridden ride through the forest (aka horseback riding!)

Hands-on experiences with animals are always a favorite among families. Climb upon your designated horse and traverse through Chaa Creek’s trails, with our popular horseback riding adventure. Set forth and learn how easy it is to guide a horse to where you deem a place fit to explore.

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On these trails, our experienced naturalist guide will show you thow to spot blooming flowers, life-saving medicinal plants, and curious critters living among the foliage. Develop a game and see who can spot the most iguanas, before they scurry away. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled, and tell your guide every oddity you spot. Chances are, they know just what you’re talking about, and are eager to share what they know. This venture is as eye-opening, as it is informative.

A Challenge to Overcome (aka Culinary Cooking Class)

Now one might think, what do kids love about cooking? They barely want to make their own PB&Js! Well, Ms. Luby at Chaa Creek can tell you, children are the most enthusiastic when it comes to learning how to cook cultural foods.

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At our Open Hearth Hands-On Experience, Ms. Luby – and several other experienced cooks – teach you how to perfect cultural meals. You’re thrusted into a traditional open-air kitchen, and guided on making meals you’re bound to fall in love with. It’s even better when kids tag along, too! Children love to feel like they’re helping, it makes them feel like grown-ups, and this activity is no different.

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Contributing to something everyone enjoys, makes them feel accomplished, and they’re learning a useful skill along the way. Let your child turn into a mini-chef for a couple hours and savor the Belizean meal.

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A Kaleidoscopic Wonder (aka The Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm)

A fluttering of wings in the air and a tickling sensation on your arms, means you’re where magic happens. Chaa Creek’s butterfly farm beautifully captures all the stages it takes for a pale, green egg to transform into nature’s iridescent Blue Morpho.

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We hope you’re not too ticklish, for these cute insects love to perch on people. Reach out and let one settle on your finger, and get the best close-up on these amazing creatures.

Though the life cycle of a butterfly is taught at school, how many kids get to see them first-hand? Children love when visual aids are paired with lessons, and what better way than have them observe the cycle themselves? They’ll leave with a grin on their face and fun facts to last a while.

Contact Us!

Planning a trip with the kids in mind? The Lodge at Chaa Creek caters to both parents and children, offering experiences that are sure to leave an impression on both you and your youngsters. If you’re looking for where to start, we can help you. Contact reservations[at]chaacreek.com.

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