The Art of Jungle Elopement: Why You and Your Soulmate Should Get Married in Belize

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  1. Kick Start Your Marriage with Thrill
  2. No Stressful Planning
  3. Mother Nature’s Best Venue 
  4. A Wedding to Remember

If there’s anything fairy tales have taught us, it’s the desire to embrace your soulmate while surrounded by nature and singing animals. (Fans of Snow White, Cinderella, or Rapunzel anyone?) Talking animals aside, you can achieve this dream in the small, but majestic country of Belize. Mostly known for its tropical beaches, Belize packs quite a punch when you venture inland.

In the western district of Cayo, you’ll find mountains that kiss the sky, waterfalls that sustain life, and animals that peek through foliage. In a place as heavenly as this, who wouldn’t want to elope with their other half? 

Tucked in the foothills of the Maya mountains is The Lodge at Chaa Creek. The reserve is 400-acres consisting of a thriving jungle, a flowing river, and – you guessed it– the most breathtaking setting for a wedding. Here, you’ll have all the right ingredients to create the most wonderful and captivating elopement you could ever dream of.

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Take that first kiss as a married couple with the backdrop of dense forests and rolling hills. Why shouldn’t you? If you still need a little more convincing, here’s why you and your kindred-spirit should elope in Chaa Creek’s majestic jungle.

Kick Start Your Marriage with Thrill

Let’s not wait until your honeymoon to get the excitement rolling! If you and your partner are truly looking for an electrifying start to your marriage, begin with where it takes place. Don’t settle for a hometown wedding – pack up your things and plan an escapade. The change of scenery can do wonders for a couple. It also makes it easier for you in terms of location and travels.

You no longer need to plan a wedding and honeymoon separately; all the adventure can take place in one country.

Feel the buzz as soon as you set foot off the plane and even more so when you follow the leaf-carpeted path into the jungle. Look around you and soak up the feeling of awe and anticipation for what’s to come. Conquering an elopement in Belize will definitely bring you and your partner closer than ever, as you’re both fulfilling an unforgettable lifestone together. Don’t leave the intimacy until after everything is all said and done. Eloping in the jungle binds you with your other half in more ways than one. 

No Stressful Planning

We know how exhausting planning a wedding can be. When choosing between flowers, decorations, and menus overtake your mind, there’s hardly any space left for relaxation or even excitement for what’s to come. You just want everything to go perfectly. When eloping, you don’t have to fret. No more worrying if everyone is free on a certain date, or if you need to find a venue that hosts hundreds of people. Thinking about everyone but you on your special day? We don’t think so! This is all about you and your soon-to-be spouse. What matters is that you’re together, and that you happily sign those papers signifying your new life with each other. 

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Eloping in Belize takes all the stress away and opens up an avenue for relaxation. If you have to decide between picking table mats or dancing underneath a rainforest canopy, it’s a no-brainer. Make it even easier and select an all-inclusive wedding package for the destination that catches the twinkle in your eye. Your friends at Chaa Creek love to throw a good wedding! It shows in their three all-inclusive wedding destination packages.

On the day of, all you have to do is show up and read your heartwarming vows with the jungle’s fauna as your audience. You may not have your own talking Gus from Cinderella, but you’ll both still feel like royalty when those melodious kiskadees sing for you. 

Mother Nature’s Best Venue

Step into the jungle and be awed at the majestic trees, swaying flowers, and curious creatures welcoming you. The Earth has truly bestowed her best gifts to Chaa Creek. As you and your soulmate walk along with leaves crackling underfoot, every step amazes you more and more. Finding the perfect spot to hold your elopement is no difficult task. With trees as tall as buildings enveloping you, you’ll find that it provides the perfect ambiance for your wedding.

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Make it even more dreamy with Chaa Creek’s Butterfly Wedding Package and have iridescent Blue Morpho butterflies encircle you and your soulmate as love binds you. Under the jungle canopy, the effect of nature soothes your soul as you sway in the wind with your other half.

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As you stand before your fiancé, hear Mother Nature’s very own orchestra perform their best song for you. With birds chirping in the air, and flowing waters nearby to calm your nerves, you feel nothing but love blooming within you. There’s truly nothing more magical. 

A Wedding to Remember

Did you fall in love with the idea of eloping? There’s no better place to plan an escape with your partner than in Belize. If you’re looking for where to start, The Lodge at Chaa Creek is always willing to help, offering romance packages is one of our pride and joys. For more information, you can contact us at reservations[at]

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