Best Honeymoon Destinations 2023: Belize

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  1. The Perfect Honeymoon
  2. Something for everyone
  3. Simplicity
  4. It doesn’t end there

The Perfect Honeymoon

Picture this; waking up in the dew kissed cool of the tropical rainforest with the love of your life, taking a quick stroll to have a fresh breakfast, and making a short hike for a couples’ massage in a hillside spa.

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After a dreamy day together, you step onto a gorgeous wind-swept beach to a romantic dinner setting. 

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The best part? It is that this honeymoon exists, it could be yours, and it’s closer than you think. 

Belize was recently named one of the best places to travel in 2023, the people are as warm as the climate, the local cuisine is heavenly and it’s so close that we feel it’s safe to say that Belize is one of the best honeymoon destinations of 2023

…But how?

Our guess is that you’ve either planned, or you’re planning your nuptials and you’ve arrived at the question; “But, how do we celebrate it?”. 

A Belize honeymoon is a lot less difficult than you think, in fact you could have your own marriage celebration for two put together with no hassle on you or your partner.

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The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s includes a stay at inland Belize’s premiere eco-lodges in the lush rainforest of the central corridor, and the southern gem.

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Chabil Mar, a luxurious resort nestled in one of Placencia’s gorgeous beaches. Two award winning travel destinations for one incredible tropical vacation. 

Something for everyone

Fun is subjective. Some people enjoy being up at the crack of dawn with an itinerary filled to the brim with things to do, places to see and people to meet. Others prefer a mid-morning farm-to-table breakfast, followed by a few hours lounging near the water with a fresh cocktail in hand.

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Whatever your definition of enjoyment is, you’re guaranteed to find something to enjoy on your trip.

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The more adventurous of you can scale maya ruins, spelunk ancient caves, zip-line and dive near the Mesoamerican barrier reef while more relaxed travellers can enjoy a local fruit infused mojito in their plunge pool before heading to the spa for a treatment or more water fun at the beach. 

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There’s something for everyone in Belize, you don’t even need to destination hop to everything we mentioned just now, and even better than that, you won’t need to worry about how to arrange any of it. The Belize travel experts at Chaa Creek and Chabil Mar will make sure your honeymoon dreams become reality. 


Usually, honeymooning in some exotic jungle will come with the caveat of it being far-flung and maybe even a bit confusing. Belize says forget all that.

The locals all speak their culturally native languages, but English is the common tongue, so knowing English will take you everywhere you need to here. There are no funky conversion rates, just a simple 2:1 with US dollars, and currency scams are few to non-existent because you can use your dollars almost anywhere in Belize. 

It doesn’t end there

Jungle Luxury – Check

Dreamy Beach – Check

You’ve done all your research, chosen all your activities and feel like you’ll still want more of Belize. We have the more you seek.

Take your Belize Honeymoon from “all we ever wanted” to “more than we could ever dream” with The Lodge at Chaa Creek, Chabil Mar and Ray Caye Island Resort, a three-destination honeymoon. Your itinerary will be the envy of every wedding party, ever.

The honeymoon you never knew you dreamed of, in one of the best honeymoon destinations of 2023: Belize.

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  1. My honeymoon was 20 plus years ago. It was very enjoyable though I didn’t celebrate it in any of these locations. If I were a few years younger, I would definitely have chosen Belize.


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