5 Amazing Experiences To Have In San Ignacio Belize 

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As we bid goodbye to 2022, we have a New Year with 12 months, 52 weeks, and 365 days to plan and execute the perfect vacation, exploration, and relaxation escape. We did our research (trust us) and came across Condenast, which suggested many destinations on their 23 Best Places To Travel in 2023, along with The Biggest Travel Trends for the year. 

For us, 2023 travel resonates the most with inland Belize for a reasonable price, wallpaper-like photos, captivating experiences, artisan products, and a foodie’s delight. We recommend heading to Western Belize, where exploration can start at the heart of San Ignacio Town. 

Heading to Western Belize means getting closer to the country’s adventure center, located just 67 miles from Belize City.

For years San Ignacio has been steadily growing into a tropical stay with a magnificent mountain view, relaxed riverside, and excellent accessibility we see today. 

Burn’s Avenue

Explore the streets and encounter vibrant murals made by local artists, head down Burns Avenue and observe the narrow brick street bordered by eye-catching buildings, each perfect for your aesthetic Instagram picture! Burns Avenue comes alive with a diversity of businesses to traverse. 

Farmer’s Market

Spice up your experience with a visit to the Farmer’s Market, where the strong scent of local and essential spices fills the air, the fresh produce brights up your sight, and lively chattering echoes in your ears. Navigate the area dotted by tents where there is a variety of clothing and imported and exported farmer’s goods. 


Discover a world of textiles, shiny beads, and creative pieces under a tent as you look for the perfect souvenir to take home. From traditional wear to modern phone charms, pick the one that speaks to you the most to accompany you back home.

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Shopping can work up an appetite for lunch, brunch, or breakfast. Having a meal in San Ignacio is having a taste of culture. We recommend savoring the delicious Salvadorian Pupusas that have made their way to Belize, tamales, burritos, and salbutes, or even head to The Guava Limb Cafe to taste the tropical twist on American cuisine. 

Experiences For Everyone

These experiences make San Ignacio a holistic hub for every visitor, whether a romantic getaway, solo, or family planning to travel in 2023.

Romance blooms under cascading waterfalls from the nearby springs, memories are made when meeting locals and having immersive conversations, and families bond while engaging in unique adventures. 

Contact Us!

Are you planning a trip to Belize? Contact us at The Lodge at Chaa Creek to help you plan your 2023 escape; we offer experiences that will make a journey full of fulfilling experiences. 

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