Spring Has Sprung, Summer Is Close Behind, And Belize Beckons!

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  1. It’s Time To Start Planning That Belize Family Summer Vacation
  2. Summer Vacation At Chaa Creek

It’s Time To Start Planning That Belize Family Summer Vacation

Gee! Time sure seems to be flying these days…

How many times have you heard that lately? In banks, at work, school, whenever you need to supply a date, it seems like someone’s saying it or you’re thinking it. Easter is upon us and if you missed the chance to book a Spring Break vacation no worries Summer is right around the corner! I

Really? Already?

Yes, already.

But let’s look on the bright side. Warm weather, barbecues, outdoor activities, and the prospect of a couple weeks off work for a… summer vacation!

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Summer Vacation At Chaa Creek

Instant excitement! Once the kids settled down we began navigating around, and the enthusiasm continued to build.

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Chaa Creek Onsite Activities was an immediate hit – “Look! Horses!  Dad, Mom, can we…?” “Canoes! butterflies, Wow! Can we…? “Look it those birds! Monkeys!”

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And so it went. In fact, it didn’t stop there.  The excitement was infectious enough that my parents caught it when they came over for dinner that weekend and we repeated the process, with the kids acting as tour guides. One look at the rooms, and my mother was sold, I could see the wheels turning as Dad did the math, and now we’re booked in for a summer vacation the whole family’s stoked about.

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It actually makes a lot of sense. When we worked it out, an exotic tropical jungle lodge vacation wasn’t going to cost more than our trip to the Grand Canyon, and we won’t be fighting the crowds again.

We’ll be sharing an adventure we’ll be talking about forever, the grandparents will have that all-important quality time with the kids (giving me and she-who-loves-pampering time for a couple’s massage at the spa and some quality time alone, as well as family time around the pool and during the many activities we’ve planned).

All in all, a win-win situation for all concerned.

And Chaa Creek’s all-inclusive family vacation package means we can do everything we’d want right there and on the tours, and not blow our budget. With everything from pickup at Belize’s airport, with a stop at the Belize Zoo on the way in, to accommodation, all meals, activities, gratuities.

Speaking of value, every time we’re together now, it’s back to Chaa Creek’s website for more free entertainment of planning, dreaming, and generally getting more excited each week.

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So there you have it – a summer vacation that’s already started, and will no doubt continue well after we’re back. Reminiscing is going to be as much fun as the planning, I’ll wager, our son is already thinking about his “What I did during my summer vacation” back to school assignment, our daughter has pictures of horses all over her room, and my parents are taking longer walks and generally getting prepared for having the time of their lives with the youngsters.

See you in Belize – we’ll be that happy clan hanging around Chaa Creek’s pool!

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