3 Fun Things To Do With Dad This Father’s Day In Belize

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  1. Father's Day
  2. Dads are always up for a challenge! 
  3. Have A Dinner Date 
  4. Give Dad A Day Off 
  5. How Do You Celebrate? 

Father’s Day

A father gives love in hugs, pats on the back, and high fives (remember those). It’s not always laced with mom’s loving words or wise advice. Yet, he is always there silently, being your biggest fan. 

Whether your dad expresses his love in a modest or grandeur way, on the third Sunday of June, it’s your turn to thank Dad. What would be the best gift for him? Check out our suggestions below.

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Dads are always up for a challenge!

Dad is always known to challenge us from the moment we start taking our first steps. He is the one to place the first obstacle and be the proudest when it has been conquered. It’s the bragging rights he gets to enjoy the most. Now that age has caught up, it’s time to challenge him. 

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Wisk him away to a tropical getaway in Belize and surprise him with an itinerary of fun activities such as horseback riding, canoeing, hiking, and RTV safaris in the jungle. These are all exhilarating all onsite Tours at The Lodge at Chaa Creek. Make it fun and include mom and the siblings too. Create memories by exploring the unknown, learning about Medicinal Plants and the flora, fauna, and avian collection that call Belize home. 

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Have A Dinner Date

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Dad, this applies to you, too, right? In a country where your culinary journey extends beyond man-made borders, it’s only natural to let curiosity lead the way and discover the delectable offerings Chaa Creek has to offer. Go beyond rice and beans and explore a menu as rich as the diverse cultural stew that created it.

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Book an immersive journey into the world of spices at Chaa Creek’s Open Hearth Culinary Class, where not only will Dad learn about tamales, but he will also learn how to make them and enjoy eating them under a traditional thatched roof.

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Or venture into the buzzing town of San Ignacio and enjoy the perfect Belizean twist on American/European Cuisine at the Guava Limb Café

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Give Dad A Day Off

Dad has been on call since day one when mom gave birth; when you attended your first day of kindergarten; when you got sick and got in trouble… shall we continue? He has been on the go, and on Father’s Day, perhaps it might be the day to let him enjoy a day by Chaa Creek’s Infinity Pool in Summer’s splendour with a cold beer in hand, watching the colourful Toucans snack on the fruits of the royal palms while listening to the Howler Monkeys converse from miles away. It truly seems like the perfect day off or days off… 


How Do You Celebrate?

            However, if you celebrate Father’s Day or Dad’s Day, make Dad feel the most special. 

What would make your dad’s perfect day? Is he into adventure, relaxation, or just enjoying a large hearty dinner? Contact The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s reservation team at [email protected] and let them help you plan dad’s perfect Father’s Day getaway. 

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