Your Guide to Belize’s International flights 2024: “Winged Wonders and Tropical Dreams”

Table of Contents

  1. Jet Blue's Year-Round Service
  2. Delta Airlines' Saturday Special
  3. WestJet's Canadian Connection
  4. A Welcoming Committee of Local Fauna
  5. The Great Escape to the Tropics
  6. A Confluence of Migrations
  7. A Flight to Remember
  8. Book Your Belize Vacation with Chaa Creek!

As the northern hemisphere acquiesces to to the biting chill of winter, a unique vision takes shape in the skies. Picture this: majestic airplanes, reminiscent of enormous birds, migrate across the globe, carrying eager souls to the tropical haven of Belize. This is different from your typical migration story, though. 

It’s one where metal wings mimic feathered ones, as airlines such as American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, WestJet, Air Canada, Sun Country Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Frontier, COPA Airlines, and TAG Airlines drop in to say hello. 

Jet Blue’s Year-Round Service

Jet Blue leads this aerial ballet, offering year-round, non-stop flights from JFK International Airport, New York City, to Belize. Like clockwork, these flights, scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, become a part of the landscape, arriving at PGIA at 12:13 pm.

Jet Blue Belize flights
Image via Belize Tourism Board

Imagine the iguanas, lazily sunbathing, barely lifting an eye as the giant metal bird touches down each week at 1:20 pm, a regular spectacle in their slow-paced world.

Delta Airlines’ Saturday Special

Delta Airlines couldn’t resist adding an extra non-stop flight from Atlanta to Belize on Saturday. This special arrangement, running from January through March 2024, aligns perfectly with the natural migration of birds seeking warmer climates.

Delta Airlines Belize flights Vacation

As the airplanes descend, they leave a quieter sky to colorful  flocks of disneyesque birds, each a testament to Belize’s vibrant ecosystem.

WestJet’s Canadian Connection

But wait, there’s more! WestJet joins the flock with an extended non-stop service from Toronto to Belize, a gift that keeps giving until May 25th, 2024. The journey begins in Calgary, stretching across continents, akin to the long voyages of migratory birds.

West Jet Belize Flights Chaa Creek
Image via Tropic Air

These flights bring a wave of tourists, all escaping the frosty grasp of Canadian winters, much like the birds fleeing the cold.

A Welcoming Committee of Local Fauna

Upon arrival, visitors are not just greeted by the warm, balmy air of Belize but also by a welcoming committee unlike any other.

Belize zoo jaguar chaa creek

Whether they are heading inland or to the coast it’s not uncommon to see Belize’s divers flora and fauna along the way or at a quick stop a the Belize Zoo.

The Great Escape to the Tropics

This influx of flights to Belize during the migration season isn’t just about transporting people; it’s about the collective yearning for warmth, and the tropical embrace Belize offers so generously.

Belize international airport chaa creek

Much like the migratory birds, each airplane symbolizes an escapade – a journey from the dreary cold to sun filled tropical warmth. 

A Confluence of Migrations

As the airplanes make their descent, passengers aboard may witness a spectacular view – flocks of migrating and resident birds mingling in the Belizean skies.

Birding Belize chaa creek

This shared journey, though vastly different in mechanics, is united in purpose. It’s a mesmerizing dance of nature and technology, each playing its part in the grand scheme of migration.

A Flight to Remember

As these flights from various airlines converge upon Belize, they bring a sense of adventure and anticipation. Whether it’s the first-time visitor or the seasoned traveler, each person aboard is part of this wintery migratory ritual.

img 4145

So, pack your binoculars along with your sunscreen because Belize is calling.

Whether flying with big names like American or United or trying out the regional charm of COPA or TAG Airlines, your adventure to Belize starts when you step on that plane.

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