Chaa Creek’s Belize Cure For The Blues

chaa creek belize cure for blues hiking and outdoors

A Natural Remedy Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better Let’s face it, it’s been a long last few months… Here at Chaa Creek, we’re used to being busy – with our guests, maintaining the grounds, pool and buildings, looking after … Read more

Feeling Socially Distant Lately? Try Getting Close To Nature

feeling socially distant try getting closer to nature at chaa creek belize resort

Going on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t obey recommendations from the WHO, CDC and other guardians of our health. Here at Chaa Creek, where plenty of space is a given, our “Healthy Belize” vacations have included fresh air, outdoor activities, … Read more

7 Great Reasons To Visit Belize in July (2022Update)

visit belize in july photo header

Here’s Why You Must Visit Belize in July First of all, with summer just around the bend, now is truly the best time to start planning your next holiday in Belize in July. Wildly civilized and welcoming, Belize offers a … Read more

Belize Caves: Our Underground Love Affair

Belize Caves Underground Love Affair

Our Underground Love Affair With Belize Caves Belize’s Caves offer deeply moving experiences – from diving sparkling Caribbean waters to canoeing, tubing or rappelling hundreds of feet into a forest canopy Most people know Forbes as a highly respected magazine … Read more

12 Awesome Reasons To Spend Your Winter in Belize!

spend winter in belize blog header

Here Are 12 Awesome Reasons To Spend Your Winter in Belize! Some people love winter, some of us think winter downright stinks. It gets cold, in some places, there’s snow – blizzards, slick roads, and all that iciness. You gotta … Read more

Mayan Food: 9 Awesome Dishes You Should Try!

Mayan food blog cover

Here Are 9 Awesome Mayan Foods You Should Try! Food is awesome. That is a fact that is not up for debate. Anyone, even the strictest of dieters will tell you that food is great. Mayan food, arguably more awesome … Read more

Birds of Belize: 20 Cool Species (You Must See)

Birds of Belize 20 Cool Species Header

Birds of Belize – Meet 20 Cool Species! Birding is described as a hobby in which individuals enjoy the challenge of bird study, identification, listing or any other activity revolving around bird life. Documented as a hobby that rose in … Read more

8 Green Ways to Experience Belize in 2022!

8 Green Ways To Experience Belize Ecotourism

Here Are 8 Green Ways To Experience Belize In 2022 Belize, the small hybrid of Central American and Caribbean cultures, hasn’t been on the map as a can’t-miss destination, especially if compared to our more renowned neighbors, Mexico and Guatemala. … Read more

Belize: 10 Astounding Natural Attractions

10 astounding natural attractions in belize header

Here are 10 astounding natural attractions in Belize According to Merriam-webster dictionary, Humans, as a race has always had a knack for building impressive edifices to house their most precious people, trinkets or beliefs in. It’s as though we have … Read more

Belize Resorts: 7 Of The Best (To Stay In 2022)

Belize Resorts Top List Header

Belize Resorts: 7 Of The Best (To Stay In 2022) When it comes to Belize Resorts we’re sure you’ve heard and read about all the great places to stay. “Luxury” Resorts are a dime-a-dozen around everywhere as the word has … Read more

10 Top Reasons To Have a Belize Family Summer Vacation


Planning a family summer vacation? Here are 10 top reasons to start planning one to Belize Affordable family vacations can be a tricky business these days. The usual busy family has so many different interests and expectations, how do you … Read more

Belize Spring Break Guide (2022 Update)


Your 2022 Belize Spring Break Guide March is rapidly coming upon us and the university grind has us just about mad. Fret not. however, as March means more than just another 6 to 8 weeks of lectures, it means – … Read more

8 Reasons Belize Is Heaven For Adventure Junkies

8 reasons why belize is heaven for adventure junkies header photo

If You’re An Adventure Junkie – Belize Is For You! When you start looking up “Belize” for your travel itinerary, you’ll more than likely bear witness to a host of ads for cruises, all inclusive joints, and tours galore. If … Read more

Belize Diving: Your Guide To Scuba (2022 Update)


Your Belize Scuba Diving Guide (2022 Update) An internet search for Belize Diving would lead you to an intimidating number of search results for different vacation packages, dive shops, and dive locations. Let us help you clear some of that clutter … Read more