Why Visiting Belize in September is Special

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Why would you want to visit Belize in September? Like many other Caribbean nations, Belize uses any excuse to throw vivacious festivals and parades. However, the ones in September are completely warranted as this is the month the party-meter reaches … Read more

Top 6 Day Trips From San Ignacio Belize

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As the adventure capital of Belize, Western Belize is chock-full of exhilarating activities to get the heart pumping. San Ignacio is the central hub when it comes to checking each Belize experience off your bucket list. Located only a couple … Read more

A Stunning Instagram Guide to Belize’s Cayo District

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Here’s your Instagram Guide to the Cayo District – Western Belize Belize as a whole is photogenic, with astounding beauty in the form of wildlife, culture and attractions. Many can testify to the feeling of being dropped straight into a … Read more

Destination Weddings in Belize: 4 Amazing Vows With A View

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Ahh, the coveted far-off dream destination weddings in Belize. Foremost, it’s a ceremony. Sure. However, it’s also your honeymoon all in one, plus one big vacation with friends and family—flawless for travel-loving couples. If you’ve got warmth, charming venues, and … Read more

Inland Belize: 5 Unmissable Adventures

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As the beaches of the coastal Placencia and Ambergris Caye attract and fill its own troop of sun-seeking wanderers, there’s a fresh stretch of adventure that’s ripe for discovery in Inland Belize. For those of you unfamiliar with Belize, it’s … Read more

Agritourism in Belize: 4 Joys of Slowing Down Food

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Slow. Simply defined as reducing the speed or pace of a process. In today’s fast paced reality it’s a word that—just by sheer utterance—feels seductive. Slow is “permission” to stop and savor, yet we can apply that to a quick … Read more

10 Amazing & Rare Birds to Scout in Western Belize

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Being just 180 miles from north to south and no more than 70 miles from east to west, Belize really is a bite-sized beauty. After all, nowhere in the country is more than a five hour drive from the international … Read more

Belize Treetop Resort: Romance and Nature

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After nearly a year and a half at home, especially for those that spent it closer than ever to your significant other, a tropical getaway may be the romantic reprieve we could all use – especially at a Belize Treetop … Read more

Go Wild: Explore The Best Of Belize Beach & Jungle

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Discover The Best of Both Worlds in Belize – Beach and Jungle It’s been a long 14 months—for everyone. When a global pandemic shuts everything down, a few truths pop up: life is short and there’s still so much of … Read more

Can Regenerative Travel Save The World?

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Can Regenerative Travel really save the world? COVID-19 has deeply impacted the industry, but perhaps this new landscape will be a force for good. As more people head towards their bucket list destinations, many are asking themselves: how can I … Read more

Reawaken Your 6 Senses Through Travel

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Reawaken your six senses with dazzling moments that are steeped in local life and culture. Whatever the reason for your travel, the key to getting the most from it is to immerse yourself in the experience with all six of … Read more

6 Reasons Why My Family Is Going To Belize This Summer

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As winter begins easing its icy grip, and travel starts to open up again, a family’s thoughts turn to… summer vacations! After the constraints of last year, we’re looking forward to treating the family to a real summer vacation – … Read more

Chaa Creek’s Belize Cure For The Blues

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A Natural Remedy Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better Let’s face it, it’s been a long last few months… Here at Chaa Creek, we’re used to being busy – with our guests, maintaining the grounds, pool and buildings, looking after … Read more

Feeling Socially Distant Lately? Try Getting Close To Nature

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Going on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t obey recommendations from the WHO, CDC and other guardians of our health. Here at Chaa Creek, where plenty of space is a given, our “Healthy Belize” vacations have included fresh air, outdoor activities, … Read more

7 Great Reasons To Visit Belize in July (2022Update)

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Here’s Why You Must Visit Belize in July First of all, with summer just around the bend, now is truly the best time to start planning your next holiday in Belize in July. Wildly civilized and welcoming, Belize offers a … Read more