Winter in Belize: A Guide to Food, Festivities and Fun

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Winter in Belize: Your Guide to Food, Festivities and Fun Winter is coming. Though not exactly in the way you may think. For one, there’s no snow or frost. Moreover, the leaves don’t die and fall to be replaced by new ones in spring. In Belize, things evolve a little bit differently, and the seasons, … Read more

9 Awesome Reasons Why You’ll Love Belizean Winter

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9 Reasons Why Winter In Belize Is The Most Enjoyable Of Them All! Everyone loves Belize, it’s not a matter of if but when – here are our favorite things about Belizean “winters” 1 Absolutely No Frost In Belize What’s the most defining feature of winter? Hands down – snow capped everything. At least in … Read more

Belize In December: Best Reasons To Visit


The Best Reasons to Visit Belize In December For many, December is a time synonymous with family, a time to share in the company you might not usually get other times of the year, or in Belize at-least. For children it’s a time for good food, favorite cousins and whether we like to admit it … Read more

Happy Holidays from Chaa Creek in Belize!

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A Very Merry Christmas From Chaa Creek in Belize! Even though we’re located in an idyllic tropical setting surrounded by pristine rainforest, Christmas is every bit as important in Belize as it is in the colder climes. And it’s celebrated just as enthusiastically, with much the same singing of carols, decorating of trees, exchanging of … Read more