Happy Birthday Belize and Chaa Creek!

happy birthday belize independence day header photo

You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby Those of us of a certain age will remember that advertising jingle, and while seriously out of date, it seems so appropriate to Belize’s birthday that we couldn’t help ourselves. It harkens back to those heady days surrounding September 21, 1981, when the dream of Belizean independence was finally … Read more


Happy fourth of july USA from Chaa Creek Belize Resort

Here at The Lodge at Chaa Creek, we’re joining many Belizeans and expats in wishing our friends to the north a very happy American Independence Day. Belize and the United States have many things in common, including our own unique versions of  the English language (both with a liberal sprinkling of Spanish), a British heritage … Read more

Feliz Cinco de Mayo from Belize!


Cinco de Mayo holds a special place for Belizeans not only because of our close proximity to Mexico and the large Spanish speaking population, but due to the similarities between the Battle of Puebla and our own Battle of St George’s Caye – that defining moment in Belize’s history and the beginning of the long road to independence in 1981.