Here at The Lodge at Chaa Creek, we’re joining many Belizeans and expats in wishing our friends to the north a very happy American Independence Day.

Belize and the United States have many things in common, including our own unique versions of  the English language (both with a liberal sprinkling of Spanish), a British heritage that has morphed into colorful multicultural melting pots and vibrant democracies, with large protected wilderness areas, a love of the great outdoors, barbecues and much more.

Grilled Lobster Tail at San Pedro Lobster Fest
Grilled Lobster is in season!

Of all the many things we share, the ability to face and overcome challenges is as vibrant as the independence we both achieved and continue to celebrate today. Resilience and cooperation are some of our most defining characteristics, and why the 4th of July and the 21st of September resonate so strongly in both our countries.

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So – from one freedom-loving, former colony to another, we wish you a safe, healthy and above all, Happy Fourth of July.

belize romantic getaways couple cheers with cocktail rum
Refreshing cocktails poolside at Chaa Creek

And we look forward to welcoming you back to Belize and Chaa Creek soon.

We’re keeping the beers cold and the barbecue warm!

fourth of july USA independence celebration belikin beer
4th of July USA independence celebration with Belize Belikin beer

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