Winter in Belize: A Guide to Food, Festivities and Fun

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Winter in Belize: Your Guide to Food, Festivities and Fun Winter is coming. Though not exactly in the way you may think. For one, there’s no snow or frost. Moreover, the leaves don’t die and fall to be replaced by new ones in spring. In Belize, things evolve a little bit differently, and the seasons, … Read more

Belize: Welcome To A Warm Winter Wonderland

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With a discount that will warm the cockles of your heart First of all, let’s be clear – we like snow. It looks lovely drifting down from the heavens, decorating the boughs of evergreen trees, blanketing pastures, rolled into snowmen and snow ladies, generating peals of laughter during snowball fights, and generally brightening things up. … Read more

12 Awesome Reasons To Spend Your Winter in Belize!

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Here Are 12 Awesome Reasons To Spend Your Winter in Belize! Some people love winter, some of us think winter downright stinks. It gets cold, in some places, there’s snow – blizzards, slick roads, and all that iciness. You gotta layer up to the point that you look like some sort of nylon turkey, and … Read more

Last Belize Maya Winter Solstice Packages Released


Chaa Creek’s marketing administrator Larry Waight announced the release today while answering questions about the progress of a special 2012 stela Chaa Creek has commissioned for the event. Stelae are Maya stone monuments that often used to record important dates, events, and successions of rulers. The new stela will feature in Chaa Creek’s Maya 2012 Winter Solstice celebrations.